5 Tricky A/W 2015 Makeup Trends You CAN Do

Blue eye makeup, berry lips, the works!


By Buro247

5 Tricky A/W 2015 Makeup Trends You CAN Do

1. Dark shadows 

Give your eyes the perfect pop and extra depth with a smudge of dark hues such as greys or browns. We especially love the look when it’s paired with gorgeous lashes and unkempt brows.

The trick to outlast this humidity during the day, and long into a sultry night out, is not to labour over crafting the perfect smoky eye with a slew of dark shadows – simply use your ring finger to apply the darkest shade around your lash lines so it looks a little rock and roll – also try blending black gel liner to give the look an almost-messy quality.

2. Something blue…

So, blue eye makeup reigned as a Fashion Week staple. We don’t see why not as it complements most skin tones, and it looks just as good in real life as it does on the runway.

From pretty washes of pastel blue to loud pops of teal, it brings a futuristic touch to any look, straddling the line between throwback and ultra-modern. Try the combination of baby blue and icy white shadows to create an ethereal look for a more wearable take. When done right, it can be a versatile look for day and night.

3. Bubblegum pout

We’ve seen them all; red, nude and dark berry lips dominated the season’s runway, but our favourite hue of all was the pink. Not just any pink – but a pale pastel (almost nude) pink lips, which is no longer ‘retro’. It gives a modern, simple yet elegant finish that will brighten up any dull complexion.

Team with sun-kissed skin with soft touches of bronzer, skin illuminator and peach blusher for the weekend. Play up the look with accessories and a fitted blazer to bring a tough edge to a pastel lip.

4. Morning-after beauty

Finally, a way to do the ‘walk of shame’ with your head held high; the morning-after look istrending so big and is especially perfect for days when we’re short of time in the morning.

The look you’re going for is more smudgy and lived-in to achieve a post-party effect. Face moisturiser and concealer are important here to create a dewy complexion and to cover up skin redness.

5. Just-bitten lips

If you aren’t quite ready to jump head-first into fiery hues, the ‘just-bitten’ look is perfect for you. It’s almost like the ombré lip trend but much more subtle. Think, a little concealer on the lips, blurred around the edge of the lip-line, followed by dabbing matte pink or red lipstick, fading the colour away at the edges while darker in the centre.

You can also apply on a light slick of gloss to give it a misty, frosted look. Pair with a smoky eye for an elegant and sophisticated finish, and wet sleek hair for an edgy and unfussy look.

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