The 5 perfume houses you need to know for your niche fragrance fix

The 5 perfume houses you need to know for your niche fragrance fix

Signature scent

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Image: Henry Jacques

Find 'The One' (read: your new custom-made signature scent) with these local and international perfume houses

Sick of smelling your signature scent on everyone else? If you're looking for a fragrance that will help you stand out from the crowd, going bespoke is guaranteed to get heads turning (in the best way possible, of course).

From consultations with some of the world's top perfumers to private perfumery workshops, these custom brands are here to excite your olfactory senses in the most immersive and creative ways. Ahead, find five niche perfumers that will help you capture your unique blueprint through your new go-to scent:

Le Labo

Every one of Le Labo's signature scents is made to order right before your very eyes, giving you a fresh bottle of fragrance every time. From cult favourites like  Santal 33 to Tonka 25, you'll be spoilt for choice on every note.

Find it online or in store at Level 1, Lot 150, Suria KLCC.


The Malaysian-owned luxury perfumer has their own repertoire of signature scents, but also offers the unique experience of bespoke perfume creation, where individuals can create their very own scent with the brand's Chief Fragrance Designer, Aien Mokhtar. Custom-made fragrances begin at RM800, and you can even explore the option of a private perfume workshop if you'd like to learn more about the basics of perfume-making.

Order online or check out the store, located at 1-13 Level 1 GM Bukit Bintang (GMBB).

Fragrance du Bois

The luxury French perfume house boasts the use of their own pure and natural signature Oud and with a completely traceable supply train, making it both ethical and sustainable. Apart from their regular stock of fragrances, the perfume house also offers bespoke consultation sessions with one of their French perfume artists, allowing you to create your own unique, tailor-made scent.

Find their signature scents online or in store at F6 Explore Floor, Starhill Gallery.

Malay Perfumerie

Malay Perfumerie is another Malaysian-owned artisan brand. Run by Fazzillah Noordin, the brand's mission is to revive the once-rich fragrance culture of the Malay peoples using traditional French perfumery techniques. The brand further prides itself on its sustainable business model, with a special focus on supporting local farmers.

Find it online.

Henry Jacques

One of the few major family-owned perfume houses left in the world, Henry Jacques was dedicated to creating bespoke fragrances for their clients before opening their realm to the public. Thse house is well-known for incorporating the rarest of ingredients in its fragrances, including Bulgarian rose, iris, and oud. At their boutique in Pavilion KL, you can choose any of the essences they offer to include in your very own custom-made fragrance.

Henry Jacques is located at Lot 2.54.00, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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