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4 New moisturisers to try on the thirstiest skin


By Gwen Ong

4 New moisturisers to try on the thirstiest skin

Have you noticed how well your skin behaves depends on how much hydration it has? Dehydrated skin can cause issues like inflammation and breakouts. This is one of the reasons why moisturising is an important tenet of a beauty routine. Moisturising helps promote a healthier skin, especially after you’ve cleansed and stripped your face off the important stuff. The top layer of our skin needs to be at least 10 percent water in order to repair and maintain the barrier function of the skin. So to help your skin stay hydrated, try one of these new moisturisers:


Clinique Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

This completely transparent lightweight, oil-free water-jelly promises to deliver powerful 24-hour hydration, repair skin’s moisture barrier and protect the skin from daily aggressors. Thanks in part to the Clean-Shield Technology and ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate (from the same hyaluronic acid family) to give skin instant plumping effect, firmness and comfort. The moisture barrier blend with sunflower seed cake, barley extract, cucumber fruit extract helps to strengthen skin’s barrier and retain skin’s moisture levels.



Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

This gel-cream is a revitalising treatment that works along with the skin’s natural repair and recovery process overnight. It envelops the skin with advanced ingredients such as Persian silk tree extract to reduce signs of skin fatigue and restore vitality; Wu-Zhu fruits extract to promote radiant skin and more refined skin texture; kakadu plum extract to improve and brighten skin tone; and tamarind seed extract to cushion the skin to be softer and more hydrated.



Philosophy Purity Made Simple Ultra-Light Moisturizer

Made for even the most sensitive skin – the nourishing formula includes sustainable meadowfoam seed oil, cold-pressed chia seed oil, green tea antioxidants complex, a blend of vitamins C and E and moisture-inducing ingredients like glycerine and sodium hyaluronate. The lightweight moisturiser leaves skin feeling refreshed and bouncy to the touch, radiant and smooth without feeling greasy. It works to restore skin to its ideal state where it is healthy and strong from both inside and out.



Sothys Hydra3Ha Hydrating Youth Cream

Developed with the brand’s new hydra-plumping complex, this cream contains hyaluronic acids to cover the surface of the skin with water, helps restore hydration and enhances its water locking properties. It also delivers hydration to deep within the epidermis for an immediate plumping effect while ‘re-training’ the skin’s ability to optimise its own hydration system by improving the water flow between cells so you are thoroughly protected against moisture loss.


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