13 Spooky nail art inspos on this Freaky Friday

13 Spooky nail art inspos on this Freaky Friday

Nailing it!

Text: Gwen Ong

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You’ll be in the mood for Halloween in no time with these freaky nail art ideas


Friday the 13th is usually considered as an unlucky day in many beliefs. No thanks to many historical events that have said to occur around the 13th. In Biblical days, there were 13 apostles present during Jesus' last supper before his Crucifixion and in the Middle Ages, King Philip IV of France arrested the Knights Templar on Friday, 13th October. Many other events have been recorded on this fateful day.


Naturally, the superstition grew. The fear of the number 13 is so real that there is even a name for the condition called 'paraskavedekatriaphobia'. But if 13 don't faze you, and you're looking to embrace the darkness, we have scoured the Insta-verse for you on how to celebrate this Freaky Friday. Below are 13 nail art inspo to try on your digits – just in time for Halloween too!



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