Working out at home made easy with the Cody app

Stop, drop and yoga


By Su Fen Tan

Working out at home made easy with the Cody app

A fitness app that is available for both iOS and Android devices, Cody strives to empower you to become the best version of yourself through an integrated platform of physical movement, technology and community. It is fundamentally fitness video training with top coaches and a supportive community, encompassing yoga, barre, strength, functional fitness and more.


How it works: To get started, explore the plans that are available and subscribe to the fitness programme that fits you best, or one that you would like to try out.


Why it’s great: By employing experts in their fields, Cody ensures that you get results, but not without some fun along the way. With a supportive community in place, you get to connect and trade tips with other members, while coaches can monitor their students’ progress and chip in with advice.


Our top pick: They are all great, but one of our favourite coaches is Tamara Levinson-Campos. Aside from her kooky cool personality, we love how her workout Yogance combines the linear flows of Yoga with the uninhibited and free movements of a dancer to enhance one’s physical strength and dexterity.

To learn more about the Cody app, visit the website here.