Why we need to lighten up about weight

Numbers don't always matter


By Buro247

Why we need to lighten up about weight

One thing I’ve really noticed whilst working in the health and fitness industry is how it’s often the people who don’t need to worry about what the scales say who are most obsessed with it. Is this you? Does it sound familiar? Does 54kg make your day and 55kg ruin it? Why do you do this to yourself? What would happen if your scales broke, would you really be able to tell the difference in yourself at those 2 weights? If you could, then do you really need the scales?  If you couldn’t, then I ask again, do you really need the scales?


Where does it end?

The question of how much we weigh can be just as sensitive to that of how much we earn. We put so much emphasis on numbers. If I earn this much then I will be happy. If I could weigh this much I will be happy. But what you see on the scale is just a number. How does 54kg make you happier than 55kg? And on those days it’s 54, doesn’t 53 sound so much better. Is it ever a satisfying undertaking?


Why I ditched my scales

I don’t own a set of scales and haven’t in years. The last time was in my early twenties when I was stuck in the frame of mind that being a certain weight was key to looking good and being happy. As I look back, it was probably the time I was most stressed out about my body. These days my goals are focused on achieving certain fitness goals because I know this makes everything else fall into place.  My latest challenge is to enter a Crossfit competition this year. With this being my primary focus it’s certain my body is going to change and so will my weight one way or another but I won’t be checking it.  I cover more on how training affects the body in this article.


Do we have to have lost weight to look good?

Another big problem is the way we compliment each other. Isn’t it so natural to utter or hear the words “you look great”, followed swiftly by “have you lost weight?” I bet you can think of more times when you haven’t knowingly lost any but know you are looking good or exuding a certain sparkle. This all comes with feeling great about yourself irrelevant of what those scales told you.


Let go of the yo-yo syndrome

We need to start training our mind to think differently. Stop with those weight loss goals or at least see them for what they are; just numbers, just a measurement in time. This is especially key when you want to lose just a few kilos. Every day you are going to step on those demon scales to see your weight yo-yo, if you are not overweight you are going to see fluctuations based on anything from the last time you had a drink, passed a motion or simply the time of the month.

girls in bikini - losing weight

Re-write your goals

TAKE:  I want to lose 2kg for my holiday.  

TURN IT TO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT:  You want to look great on the beach; you want to feel relaxed and proud of all you did to earn your holiday. 


♦ To cut out foods that make you feel sluggish and uncomfortable

♦ To reduce any unnecessary snacking and make the ones you need healthy

♦ To add a toning class to your regime and do a minutes plank every evening


You see the intention? You’re focusing on reality not a numerical yardstick. This action plan is likely to result in weight loss but who cares unless you want a bikini emblazoned with “I WEIGH X!” across the pants.


Weight loss is a symptom of healthy living, not the cause

The thing we should all remember is that if we are eating well and right and moving enough that number on the scales will sort itself out without us watching and pandering to it. Eat well; eat what you need, move as much as you can in as many ways as you can and you will feel great.


So lighten up. Ditch those scales. The mirror’s a much better reflection, especially if you smile.


Edited by Jackie Wilson


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