10 Tattoo trends we've been loving this year

10 Tattoo trends we've been loving this year

Someth-INK to inspire you

Text: Redzhanna Jazmin

Image: Instagram/@conorhealee

Looking for some new ink inspo? Ahead, we've rounded up some of 2022's best tattoo trends for your consideration

Body art has never been more popular than it is right now. With tattoo technology being more sophisticated than it ever has been, the options for ink designs are expansive (and overwhelming).

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So, if you happen to be itching for some new tattoos (or your very first!) but you're struggling to settle on a design, you might want to check out some of 2022's most timeless trends. From the Y2K revival to the minimalist movement, find our picks for the coolest tattoo trends to come out of this year:


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The revival of the Y2K aesthetic by Gen Z has sparked a renaissance in the classic staples of the era, including tramp stamps, neo-tribal designs, barbed wire, and butterflies (preferably, complete with sparkles and the era's distinctive Barbie pink shade).


Commemorating your furry friends now comes in fun sizes and stunning hyperrealism, and we wouldn't have it any other way!


Rihanna first popularised ink on the digits back in 2015, but this year's rendition is all about subtle designs—think constellations and florals etched in ultra-fine lines.


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Don't worry—no one is getting "I'M A CANCER" tattooed across their chests. Rather, many are choosing to take an abstract approach to the astrology tattoo. Think constellation patterns and ornate interpretations of astrological symbolism.


In the same strain as the astrology trend, angel numbers are picking up traction in popularity. Whether they're inked in fine or blocky lettering, they're an absolute delight.


Immortalising a meaningful quote or phrase is nothing new, but 2022's take on lettering is all about subtlety and minimalism. Think simple fonts or extremely stylised designs.


The sailor tattoo never really went out of style, but it has since received an update in the current climate of minimalism and realism within the tattoo world.


Nature is, and always has been, the greatest source of inspiration for the art world. However, 2022's fixation on all things green actually puts the focus on all things fruity.


What better way is there to celebrate a friendship (or relationship) than with a cute set of matching tattoos? Whether it's through fine line hearts, corresponding designs or obscure references, nothing is out of reach. Plus, this year's trend is all about foresight—even if your 'forever' link is severed, these designs still make for a cute standalone tattoo!


For those looking for a subtle, barely-there option (read: something that's easy to hide from the 'rents or work), white ink might be just the trend for you. It heals up looking scar-like and can be used on an array of different designs. There's just one con, and it's that they fade much quicker than other ink colours and also blur much faster.

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