Review: Tracking your menstrual cycle will change your life — here’s how you can get in on the action


By Tammy Chan

Review: Tracking your menstrual cycle will change your life — here’s how you can get in on the action

Back in May, Vivant, a digital health technology start-up headquartered in Singapore, launched their first product under the Nyra women’s health brand. Dubbed as “your period pal“, Nyra is an app designed to allow women around the globe to manage and track their feminine health and fitness. But one look at your Apple or Google store and you’ll see that there are already hundreds of similar apps to track your period and health. So what makes Nyra different?

It’s an AI-driven, personalised tracking app

Nyra Women's Health App

Dr. Rasmi Mishra, Chief Product Innovation Officer at Vivant, explained to us in an interview that Nyra is an app that’s customised to every individual who uses it—doesn’t matter if you’re going through puberty or menopause, trying to conceive or to avoid pregnancy. “Most of the other apps develop a one-fits-all concept, but what makes Nyra special is that we have the technology to tailor your profile based on not only your age, but your lifestyle trends, health symptoms and daily moods,” Dr. Rasmi clarifies.

It provides an extensive archive of tips & info

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As mentioned above, Nyra is designed in a way that the content it puts out to users are all different. Here’s an example: the health tips and article suggestions you’d see on your app as a 30-year-old trying to conceive would be different than a 12-year-old who’s going through puberty. Besides that, users are also able to analyse their lifestyle and periods by using the in-app quiz.

Dr. Rasmi believes that the culture of silence surrounding feminine health topics in Asian countries is the main reason why many women and young girls don’t know how to tell the difference between what is healthy and what isn’t. What makes things worse? They’re usually afraid to ask.

That’s where Nyra’s most useful feature, ‘Chat with Doctor’, comes in.

It allows you to speak to a professional

Nyra Women's Health App Doctor On Call Feature

One of the main features of Nyra is the ability to talk to doctors through the app. According to Dr. Rasmi, the chat works in real-time from 9AM to 9PM (following the India Standard Time) and more often than not, users will get an instant reply from the app’s in house team of doctors, physicians, specialists or health coaches. However, if a query is sent after 9PM, you’ll get a reply within 24 hours via email.

Since the launch, Dr. Rasmi revealed that they’ve had an average of 400 queries each day and 81% of those are related to menstrual help, period health, fertility and contraception. “While we want to provide medical assistance, we also want to provide emotional support for those who have no one to turn to.”

Based on the World Health Organisation’s definition for a middle-income economy, there should be one doctor for every 400 population. However, as of 2018, Malaysia’s doctor to patient ratio stands at 1:632. Enabled by the latest technology and increased connectivity, telehealth is emerging as one viable solution to the problem. Hence through the ‘Chat with Doctor’ feature, Nyra hopes to bridge the gap by connecting women to doctors for quick and targeted advice instead of having to schedule appointments for less pressing medical issues.

It has an easy-to-use UI

Nothing turns us off more than a complicated app, which is why we’re in favour of how smooth Nyra’s interface is. All of its features are clear and you can navigate through anything with just a few taps. We also appreciate its flexibility in giving users the option to switch modes whenever they want. So there’s no need to create a new profile in the event your life plans suddenly change.

Nyra Women's Health App Features

One other function that caught our attention was the ‘Add a Family Member’ feature. By clicking on the button in your user settings, you’re able to add anyone from your mum, sister, daughter or friend (if you’re close like that) to your profile—that is if they already have a Nyra account, of course. With this, you’ll soon be able take your relationships with your close female family and friends to another level.

Lastly, it’s multilingual

Yes, specifically tailored for Malaysians, Nyra is available in English, Hindi and Bahasa Malaysia. While the app isn’t Mandarin-friendly, Dr.Rasmi assures us that it’s on their roadmap and they do plan to eventually provide that language in the near future.

For more information on Nyra, visit their website here.
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