What an afternoon at the Caudalie Spa in Paris feels like

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By Gwen Ong

What an afternoon at the Caudalie Spa in Paris feels like

Twenty-four hours after touching down in Paris with my body and spirit still trying to play catch up, I was whisked away to this quaint Caudalie store in St Pères for the Resveratrol Lift Facial treatment. Boy was my skin in need of some good ‘lifting’ after the long haul flight!

The Resveratrol Lift Facial Treatment is a 60-minute anti-ageing and firming skincare treatment, which uses manual firming motions to re-sculpt the facial contours and skin for an immediate lifting effect. As we age, naturally we’ll begin to notice more wrinkles and sagging skin, and with my less-than-ideal lifestyle, it was a good idea to pay more attention starting with the facial.

My therapist for the day was on hand to greet me as I stepped into the store. An immediate feeling of Zen descended upon me as she led me to the therapy room. It was dimly lit with an invigorating smell of essential oil permeating the air and meditation-like music playing in the background. Despite our language barrier, I was confident that I was in good hands. She made sure to explain each step the best she could before starting.

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The Resveratrol Lift Facial Treatment started with a deep cleanse. The therapist was thorough with her exfoliating technique using a motorised exfoliator. It gave a different sensation which might feel a little abrasive for those of us who are more used to the gentle finger-scrubbing/massaging motions. I still prefer a softer touch but I don’t think my face has felt any cleaner or smoother like it did that day though.

Next, she proceeded with a palpate-roll massage on the entire face, neck and décolleté. This technique, which involves kneading motion, is to help break down the connective tissues that cause skin sagging, increase oxygen in tissues and improve blood flow. It felt like my face was being pushed back into shape as the therapist worked on my fleshy cheeks.

Following this, she applied a thick layer of self-heating thermal mask, which was enriched with two anti-ageing ingredients – vineResveratrol and patented micro hyaluronic acids. I learned that this step is to infuse the skin with active ingredients for an immediate tightening and lifting effect. It didn’t feel much of a difference to me as this was only the first treatment but I’ve always enjoyed a good mask and this smell pleasantly fresh.

While I relaxed with the mask on, the therapist proceeded to massage my upper body and feet. After about 15 minutes, she removed the mask with a warm towel and prepped my skin with moisturiser. The session ended with a cup of special refreshing Caudalie tea.

The facial experience was slightly different from what I’m used to here in Malaysia where extraction is part of the cleansing process but I did feel my face and body were rejuvenated. And that is what I always look for in a spa treatment. I left the store feeling happy with a more radiant complexion and lighter soul.


The Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Facial Treatment is available at RM299, Caudalie Spa, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Advanced bookings are required (Tel: 03- 2095 0001)


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