Can exercise prevent breast cancer? Here’s what we know

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By Rachel Au

Can exercise prevent breast cancer? Here’s what we know

You clicked on this story to find out the answer, right? Well, let’s head straight to it. The answer is, however, rather than absolutely preventing it, physical activity is known to reduce the risks of breast cancer—by at least 12 per cent lower for the most active woman who spend more than an hour a day doing vigorous activity. 


But don’t be discouraged if you’re not that much of a fitness junkie. The key is to limit the time you spend sitting down and just move. Women who aren’t as active would still see a reduced risk as anything is better than nothing. Researchers in France deduced this after looking at studies involving more than four million women around the world who participated in prospective studies from 1987 to 2013 and found that regardless of age, race, country or even menopausal status, the decrease is the same. 

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Mathieu Boniol, research director at the Strathclyde Institute for Global Public Health in Lyon, France added that even for women who were overweight or obese could lower their risk by 10 per cent overall. 


The connection between exercising and breast cancer risk is still unclearalthough, generally, working out is known to lower the risks of many types of illnesses. The only possible link that researchers have (so far) concluded is that physical activity regulates hormones, which includes estrogen and insulinthe two that fuels breast cancer growth if a woman has high levels of these. 

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While it would be great to start hitting the gym, it’s understandable that it’s not for everyone. The National Breast Cancer Foundation advises as little as three hours of exercise per weekor 30 minutes a dayand as mild of an activity such as power walking just to begin lowering the risk of breast cancer.


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