Organic Wellness Lunch at Mandarin Oriental KL: More than just a healthy menu

Clean eating reinvented


By Rachel Au

Organic Wellness Lunch at Mandarin Oriental KL: More than just a healthy menu

Clean eating has been a growing trend both on the world stage and in the local scene, and Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur is yet another establishment to jump in on this healthy bandwagon after being inspired by the recent Global Wellness Day. From now till 28 October 2016, the hotel’s Lounge on the Park is serving a special Organic Wellness Lunch menu complete with 11 quaint dishes. 

Now, I’m very much a meat person and upon receiving an invitation to sample this lunch, my mind was quick to feel guilty over my fried chicken dinner from the previous night. A brief glance through the array of dishes was enough for me to know I wasn’t going to enjoy it much since I’m not much of a salad personbut I was proven wrong. 

As I took my seat at the Wellness Island located at the centre of the lobby lounge and where guests can get a good view of the food preparations, I was welcomed with The Detox Juice. Superbly green yet pleasant on the palate, it’s a concoction of apple, celery, baby spinach and cucumber that had a stronger sourness than the distinct celery taste. The accompanying root vegetable crisps were more of a side note. 

The appetisers that followed showed a playful side to the menu which soon changed my perception of the lunch. The Compressed watermelon sashimi with marinated cucumber, fennel and celery was refreshing but the Tian of raw butternut squash and spinach with Genting Highland tomatoes served with cashew nut romesco sauce was pretty with its vivid colours but was less than flavourful for my taste. Things took a turn when the chef at the island started preparing the Buckwheat khubz baked in a hot stone served with almond butter as I watched it turn from mere dough to a fluffy loaf of bread. 

Organic wellness lunch fresh harvest lettuce

The intrigue and fun continued with the Fresh harvested lettuce that was literally served as it was, in a bowl of edible soil and with a pair of scissors. I had to cut the leaves myself, add it to the plate of other forest farm vegetables, edible flowers and sourdough crostini, pour the herb vinaigrette dressing and toss the mix. Fresh with a light-flavoured dressing, it was a salad I actually enjoyed. 

Next came the Yellow peppers and turmeric soup with soy flan and fresh herbs followed by the Josper grilled leeks, asparagus, poached egg and garlic fumet crispy—two of my absolute favourites from the 11 dishes. While it was less theatrical, it was certainly a more solid burst of flavours (and I have a soft spot for poached eggs anyway). The final main was the Stuffed baby peppers and tomatoes, tofu croquettes and mushroom jus—delectable. 

Organic wellness lunch tofu croquette

To end the lunch on a sweet note, dessert was an undetectable sugarless Avocado ice cream, fresh mango, coconut espuma, Kalamansi gel with gula Melaka. The ice cream had an interesting textureit was quite dense and almost as if a whole avocado fruit had been frozen. Then, it was a cup of freshly brewed organic tea to cleanse the palate and I was one happy (and healthy) camper.   

The Organic Wellness Lunch menu is priced at RM148 nett and is also available at RM90 nett for the Bento Box option. It’s offered every weekday from 12pm to 2.30pm. For enquiries or to make a reservation, call 03 2380 8888 or email [email protected]

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