Digital healing: The best therapy Instagram accounts to follow for motivation and self-care


By Kelly Lim

Digital healing: The best therapy Instagram accounts to follow for motivation and self-care

As social distancing rules remain, social media has become more essential than ever to stay informed and connected. But at the risk of information overload, it’s also more important than ever to mind your mind. While scrolling through our feeds of news updates, memes and #WFH selfies can help us stay in touch and maintain whatever is left of our social lives, spending too much time on online platforms can also leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed.

Luckily, there are accounts that exist out there specifically created to cut through all of that noise and prompt you to check in with your mental health. While it’s not a replacement for proper therapy, therapist-run accounts are using the power of social media to spread interesting messages to break down the taboos surrounding mental health and foster positive communities around it. There’s a sense of comfort in knowing that you’re not alone, and it’s gratifying to know that at the extension of our own healing, we’re also somewhat contributing to the healing of others by sharing our vulnerabilities online.

From illustrations on anxiety to daily reminders that you are good enough, here are some of our fave accounts that feel like a virtual safe haven for the days you feel a bit down and need a little pick-me-up.


Dr Emma Hepburn turns her evidence-based psychology knowledge into cute, digestible doodles on @thepsychologymum to tackle mental health in a fun and approachable manner.


Therapist and relationship expert Nedra Glover Tawwab offers nuggets of advice on how we can create healthy relationships with each other through boundaries. Follow her for actionable lists and empowering self-affirmations through language that is straight-forward and motivational.


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to enter the therapy world, the mind geek is for you. Irish psychotherapist Sarah Crosby posts colourful “mental notes” written as sticky notes taped to pastel walls to share advice. Tackling subjects from emotional volatility to imposter syndrome to boundaries, she offers a constructive and honest way of thinking that will help us be kinder to ourselves.


For a feed curated with fun charts and graphics of mental health inspiration from around the web, this account’s for you. Managed by Alison Seponara, a licensed therapist and mindfulness teacher, the account offers soothing tips for anyone feeling anxious along with personal comments and anecdotes from Seponara herself.


For soothing one-liners and video reminders, Lisa Olivera’s pastel-coloured feed offers solace in the form of a mental pat on the back. The therapist and writer constantly prompts us to be gentle with ourselves and those around us and to remember how strong we are (even if we don’t feel it).


Run by Sara Kuburić, MA, CCC, @millennial.therapist takes form through a minimalist feed of bulleted lists, “gentle reminders” and note-to-self posts. From building positive habits to establishing boundaries, the account raises awareness around mental health through language that is simple and honest.


Brooklyn-based filmmaker Elyse Fox founded Sad Girls Club to destroy the social stigma surrounding depression. Today, her account has become an online community in the mental health world for young women (particular women of colour). Sharing mindful visuals and inspirational quotes from around the web, Fox also pushed her online activism to the real world by hosting monthly IRL meet-ups in the NYC area. Recent additions to the account include #AskATherapist Q&A videos, as well as, daily stay at home Instagram Live sessions covering topics from astrology and journaling to cooking and meditation tips.


UK-based occupational therapist and illustrator Hannah Daisy co-opted the hashtag #boringselfcare to shed light on the importance of talking about mental health and incorporating small, “boring” activities to maintain it. Her feed is full of colourful illustrations that champion everyday mental health victories, whether it’s opening a window for fresh air or simply just getting out of bed, along with scribbles that celebrate individual diversity. Self-care can mean a lot of different things to different people and sometimes we need reminding that these small, everyday steps do help us on the path of wellness.


Follow @howtogetittogether to lighten your feed a little but still get a hefty dose of thoughts and quotes about self-care and relationship advice. Run by an anonymous Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, the account is a compilation of humorous tweets (that also make you think) and relatable musings that are totally spot-on and shareable.

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