Inside Team Buro’s Epic weekend with Nike



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Inside Team Buro’s Epic weekend with Nike

Last Sunday, as a part of the Choose Go campaign by Nike, a handful of us at Buro 24/7 Malaysia took part in a team run, putting the latest Nike Epic React Flyknit to test. The Choose Go campaign is an initiative by Nike to encourage people to get out and get running—18 cities across the globe participated in this campaign, including Bangkok, which organised a GoBKK experience. In KL, we gathered as a small group of nine (that consisted of friends and family) to join us for a fun run that took place at Desa ParkCity, running friendly route that accommodated both seasoned and beginner runners.

Early and bright, we came together geared up in the latest pair of Nike Epic React Flyknit running shoes for an introduction and warm-up session before the run. Whilst it was a breeze for experienced runners, for others it marked a beginning to a running journey. Putting the shoes to test, we ran a 5km course which gave us a good feel of the Nike Epic React Flynit. Scroll down for the team’s review of the shoe.

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The Epic React Flyknit

Sneakerheads would be familiar that Nike’s Flyknit textile provides a one piece, flawless and sock like fitting without making it too tight or narrow in which is duplicated once more with the Epic React. From an aesthetic point of view, the shoe is appealing, not too showy and comes in an array of colours such as Rusk Pink, Cargo Khaki, Racer Blue to name a few. The Epic React foam underwent 400 trials or more until it found the perfect blend which provides maximum comfort as well as durability. 


Below, the team’s thoughts on the Nike Epic React Flyknit:

Cai Mei Khoo, Editor-in-Chief

The Epic React Flyknit is my current favourite running shoe. I am a big fan of the Lunarepic Flyknit but these are even lighter and more comfortable, and offers great cushioning for long runs. I ran in them at this year’s KL Marathon and thoroughly enjoyed the run. My tip would be to wear slightly higher cut socks to prevent chaffing.


Joan Kong, Senior Fashion Writer

I may be a newbie when it comes to running, but I know a great pair of running shoes when I wear one, and the Nike Epic React Flyknit proved just that. Aside from how “springy” it feels when I’m on the go, the foam sole also made me feel stable and supported—not to mention the form-fitting knit that hugs your feet like no other. I recommend those who have wider feet (like me) to opt for half a size bigger for optimal comfort.


Loh Wei Yeen, Fashion and Beauty Writer

After giving the Nike Epic React Flyknit a trial run in Bangkok at the recent Nike GoBKK experience, I have decided that running shoes should all come in the foamy, bouncy glory that is the Epic React. My previous running shoes were the Flyknit 4.0, and while I liked its snug fit, the Epic React offers me that and more—it is lightweight yet bouncy, and it feels like I’m running on seriously comfortable cushioned soles. Support wise, I like the Flyknit-style construction and the absence of a tongue (so it doesn’t chafe the top of my foot). After 5k, my feet didn’t feel as sore or worn as it usually would, so it’s safe to say that I’ve found my new favourite running shoes.


Jaymie Ho, Editorial Assistant 

If you are someone who is into various sports, this shoe will be the perfect pick for its comfort and versatility. Thanks to its latest foam cushion technology, the Epic React Flyknit supports your feet and gives you that “bounce” with every step you take. However, as the material hugs the feet, I would suggest trying on the shoes with your preferred running socks before purchasing. 

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