How to slow down and get more out of your beauty (and life) routine

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By Terry Saw

How to slow down and get more out of your beauty (and life) routine

“One of the biggest misconceptions is that we don’t have time for mindfulness or that mindfulness is a luxury that some people can’t afford. I disagree of course, and believe that anyone can incorporate mindfulness into their lives,” says Kelsey Schiavon.

We recently reached out to the certified holistic nutritionist and mindful green beauty educator all the way from Calgary, Canada, to learn about her personal journey to mindfulness as well as to get her insights on how we too, can get a head start on ours.

Sure, mindfulness isn’t going to pay your bills, do your ironing (sorry, no luck there too!), nor will it take away your problems, but what it can offer is a life-changing perspective on how we live day by day and after personally testing it out for close to a year now, there is no denying what a little inner peace and joy can do for you when you live in the now.

Here are some of Kelsey’s tips to getting started:

You only need 30 seconds!

“That’s really all it takes while washing your face or applying facial oil, or slowly and mindfully enjoying that first sip of coffee in the morning. It doesn’t have to be an hour-long daily practice—it can be as simple as you need it to be, and the benefits are truly endless.”



Reinvent your beauty ritual

“I love beauty rituals, so I often have clients start here with something super simple like brushing their teeth, flossing or cleansing off their make-up. These are tasks that most of us complete every single day—but slowing down and approaching them with mindfulness and intention results in a completely different experience.


“By slowing down the mind and paying attention to what we’re doing, suddenly we can feel the toothbrush against our teeth, notice the beautiful aroma of our face wash or appreciate the texture of our luxurious facial oil. This attention to the present moment allows us to check in with ourselves, and intentionally spend time showing ourselves care.”

“Mindfulness plays a huge part in helping us remember that life is much bigger than what’s happening on social media.” – Kelsey


Consciously disconnect

“Don’t get me wrong, I love social media and it has absolutely helped me build my business but if we don’t intentionally disconnect every once in a while, unrealistic expectations start to take over and we start paying more attention to other people’s lives than our own.”

“I think it’s really important to intentionally shut off the phone or computer a few times a day. I also always tell clients how important it is to curate their social media networks – ask yourself; do the accounts I follow inspire me or make me feel bad about myself? Choose to follow the people that offer you something of value, the same way you would select your real life social circle.”


“Comparison is the thief of all joy.” – Kelsey


Remember to slow…down…

“We’re always rushing around and often have packed days that seem to not have a spare second for mindfulness. An easy way around this? When you wake up in the morning, before reaching for your phone or checking emails, Instagram or Facebook, just close your eyes for a couple of seconds, stretch, roll your ankles and wrists around, bring awareness to your body and think of one thing you’re grateful for.

“This takes only a few minutes and sets your day off on a completely different foot than just jumping out of bed into the chaos of the day. I also always carry some type of aromatherapy on me to help reduce acute stress in the moment (frankincense, cedarwood and lavender are a few of my favourites) and I love Woodlot face and body mists to help cool and refresh my body and mind on the go!

“Herbal teas are also an excellent option to help calm the nervous system and one of my favourite nighttime rituals is a cup of warming tea before bed. I love mixing up a combination of rose, lavender and lemonbalm or skullcap and chamomile to help soothe an overactive mind and prepare the body for sleep!”


Follow @kelseyschiavon and check out her beauty blog for more beauty tips and reads to cultivate your own mindful beauty journey.

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