6 Inconspicuous tattoo placements for those who want to keep their ink a secret

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By Low Sue Mae

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6 Inconspicuous tattoo placements for those who want to keep their ink a secret

Getting your first tattoo? Here are some low-key tattoo placements for you to try getting inked for the first time.

Living in a conservative community, tattoos are often frowned upon, especially by older generations. The tides have been gradually changing, but there’s no denying that the stigma around tattoos still very much exists. All biases aside, tattoos are just body art, a form of self-expression, and for some, a way to honour something or someone. 

However, as beautiful and meaningful as tattoos can be, there is an obvious reason why tattoos should only be done when you are an adult. Once you get inked, it’s here to stay—when it comes to permanent body modification, it’s important to think through your body art thoroughly to avoid any regret in the future.

If you want to get inked but are stopping for two reasons—your parents’ opposition or you are just hesitant to settle on a design—here is our suggestion. Get a tiny tattoo on an inconspicuous area of your body to test drive your body art journey; a compromise to both your parents and yourself. With that being said, find all the low-key tattoos inspo you ink newbies could ever need.


Behind the ear


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Let’s start behind the ear. It’s an alluring spot to get a tattoo, easily hidden by your hair and revealed only when your hair is tied up. This placement is a firm favourite of celebrities like Rihanna, Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez, who have opted to etch dainty little tattoos in this placement.


Inner lip 

It does not get more low-key than this! The only person at risk of spotting ink in this area would be your dentist. 

While this is a cool way to pose for photos on wild nights, do take note that tattoos here fade quickly because of the moist conditions of your mouth.


Behind the neck


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As long as you keep your hair down, this tattoo placement is pretty much undetectable. Just note that this area is rated at a nine out of ten on the pain scale. In case you did not know, tattoos on the neck and spine usually hurt the most as these are bonier areas, which makes them very sensitive.


In between fingers

Getting inked between your digits is a pretty great choice for those who want a tiny, hidden tattoo. Since it is just a teeny weeny tattoo in between your fingers, your parents would probably let it slide even if they did see it (if this helps). Do take note that finger tattoos do fade quite easily and you will need frequent retouches because there generally isn’t enough fat in this area to retain the tattoo pigments.




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Heading down, we’ve got the humble ankle tattoo. The good news is this spot tends to hold up pretty nicely even with age and weight changes. The bad news? It is as painful as getting a tattoo on your rib cage (if the tattoo is anywhere near your ankle bones and shin bones).


Under your feet


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Last on our list is the bottom of the feet. Completely undetectable until you’re lounging around barefoot or doing a handstand, this tattoo placement is the most discreet of all.  However, it also comes with its own cons. Tattoos on the bottom of your feet also fade faster because this body part sweats heavily and endures a lot of friction through walking and wearing shoes. It is also a placement that is pretty high up on the pain scale as the skin on that spot is super sensitive. 


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