Best new facial treatments to try in 2024—La Prairie, Guerlain, AsterSpring and more

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

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Best new facial treatments to try in 2024—La Prairie, Guerlain, AsterSpring and more

Are Malaysia’s most luxurious facial treatments really worth the hype? Find out which new facial treatments impressed us most below.

As we approach the mid-year, it’s time to put a little glow back into your complexion! Ahead, find our picks for the best new facials in KL to try—from Guerlain and La Prairie’s exclusive pampering experiences to Sephora Malaysia’s cult-favourite flash facial.


La Prairie Cabine Facial

best new facials 2024 malaysia

“La Prairie’s Skin Caviar collection needs no introduction to fans of the brand and anti-ageing skincare in general. Personally, I’ve been a fan of the Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait Intensive Resculpting Treatment ever since I got my hands on a bottle last year. Not only did it help to visibly lift and sculpt my facial contours, but the packaging and texture of the product made the application process all the more indulgent. If that was the impression I got from using just one product, you can imagine how keen I was to see the results of a facial incorporating the entire Skin Caviar range.

“And trust me, it did not disappoint. From the moment I stepped into the brand’s first flagship boutique in Malaysia at The Exchange TRX, I was gently guided into an hour of divine pampering. Combining the rich blend of caviar extracts—renowned for their nourishing and firming properties—with the gentle application and soothing facial massages by my facialist, I felt completely relaxed as the products worked their magic. There were times when I could actually feel an instant lifting effect, as if my skin was tightening but in the most painless, pleasant way. By the end of the treatment, my skin looked and felt hydrated, lifted and radiant. Needless to say, the experience left me longing for my next La Prairie facial!” — Natalie Khoo, Deputy Editor

Book an appointment at La Prairie’s The Exchange TRX boutique by contacting 012-981 7839.


AsterSpring Pro Power Brightening Treatment

best new facials 2024 malaysia

“I’ve been a longtime patron of AsterSpring’s facial services, but I’m a creature of habit and typically just get the same clarifying treatment every time. So, when I was invited to try the Pro Power Brightening Treatment, I figured it was probably high time to try something new. This time, in addition to clearing my breakouts, the facial would also target the dullness and dryness in my skin. After a quick cleanse, we jumped right into the treatment’s three-step protocol, which involved a 30 per cent lactic acid, phytic acid and grape juice extract concoction. Then, to soothe and replenish hydration in my skin, the Dermalogica Hyaluronic Acid IonActive Serum was applied alongside a prebiotic and probiotic-rich ampoule mist and the Dermalogica Power Oxybiome Essence to fortify my skin’s barrier.

“At this point, my skin was perfectly prepped for an extraction, which was expertly carried out by my therapist. To finish up, I was treated to a pressure point massage and—my favourite—the nourishing Colloidal Masque Base. When I left the treatment room, my skin was smoothed, plumped and resurfaced all in one fell swoop. Better yet, not only was my skin brighter and more even in tone, but it was clearer than ever! There’s a reason I keep coming back to AsterSpring, and it has everything to do with the incredible results I’ve seen from consistent treatments.” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor


Guerlain Ultimate Boutique Experience

best new facials 2024 malaysia

“If you’re looking for a pampering like no other, look no further—the first-ever Guerlain Ultimate Boutique flagship in TRX also boasts the house’s first facial cabine in Malaysia and we had the pleasure of trying out the services. The 60-minute facial uses essentials from the brand’s Abeille Royale line to plump, rehydrate, and brighten up the skin.

“After a short consultation, I was led into the facial room where I got changed and was promptly tucked into the bed. First off, the blanket was so unbelievably plush, enveloping me in a warm cocoon for the entire duration of my facial. The treatment began immediately, and it was just a cycle of the most incredible scents and textures. My skin was cleansed, toned, prepped and subsequently peeled—a necessary step to combat the rampant dullness in my skin (unfortunately, the peel is not sold in stores—just a Guerlain facial exclusive). Then, the Abeille Royale Intense Repair Youth Oil-In-Balm was applied to my skin and worked in with a lengthy sculpting massage.

“I won’t lie—the massage was intense, but the results speak for themselves! My face has never looked so sculpted. I was also treated to an eye massage with the matching eye cream, which completely eradicated the dark circles under my eyes and gave my peepers a much-needed lift. The pampering did not stop at my neck, either—it went all the way down my arms and to my hands (dreamy!). Overall, my skin was dry, dull and congested when I entered the treatment room, and I left glowing, lifted and radiant as ever. Honestly, the only thing the facial was missing for me is an extraction, but if acne isn’t a huge concern for you, you’ll adore the results from this treatment.” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor

A purchase of Guerlain products totalling RM2,800 will qualify you for two complimentary 45-minute facial treatments and a purchase of over RM4,800 entitles you to two complimentary 60-minute facial treatments.


Sephora KLCC Perk Treatment by Hydrafacial

best new facials 2024 malaysia

“I’ve recently become acquainted with the concept of a flash facial and I’ve got to say, it sounds right up my alley. The idea of being able to pop in for a service that wraps up in 45 minutes flat is perfect for my packed schedule.

“In terms of the actual service, I’ve been meaning to try it out. It has made its rounds across the US, and Sephora KLCC is the first outlet to offer the service in Malaysia. Essentially, it’s a suction machine that exfoliates your skin, paired with some curated serums. I got the exfoliating lactic acid serum and hydrating sodium hyaluronate serum along with a peppermint lip serum for my treatment. The actual sensation of the procedure is slightly uncomfortable—it feels like your skin is being scratched and hickeyed at the same time—but it’s definitely not painful.

“I left with my skin glowing—albeit slightly red. I was also shown the yield from my facial—a whole bunch of oil from my face along with dirt and dead skin cells in the wastewater. Gross, but definitely interesting. Overall, in 45 minutes, I really can’t complain about the results. I did get sunscreen and moisturiser applied to my skin afterwards, and I was advised to double down on hydration that evening and avoid exfoliants for the next couple of weeks. I did notice a few breakouts afterwards but nothing too major—I suspect it was more of a purge than a reaction. Though I didn’t partake myself, if you had somewhere to be after your appointment, you could also book yourself in for a hair styling and makeup session at Sephora so that you’re event-ready when you leave the store. It’s a three in one extravaganza!” — Redzhanna Jazmin, Beauty Editor

Book an appointment with Sephora Malaysia here.


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