Detox your life: 9 things to clean up right now for a happier you

Healthy living at its core


By Rachel Au

Detox your life: 9 things to clean up right now for a happier you

We’ve covered healthy lunch delivery options and our weekly series of #FitnessFridays will help you choose the best workout to try for the new year. However, cutting down carbs and calories is not enough to start living healthy; and decluttering shouldn’t be limited to just your wardrobe. 


1. Your Facebook friends

detox your life - unfriend toxic facebook friends

Facebook is great for connecting you with old and new friends but there’s only so much you can scroll on your news feed and yet you still won’t be seeing everyone’s updates—everyone that matters. Filter your friends list and cut out those who you barely (or never) talk to. ‘Unfollow’ is a more diplomatic option if you’d rather not unfriend them.


2. Your friends IRL

detox your life - friendships

Some friends are like gems and some… not so much. They’re the ones who put you and your dreams down or only appear when they need you but aren’t around when you need them. Why make time for someone who doesn’t treat you right? 


3. The people you’re following on Instagram

detox life instagram

It’s easy to go on a following spree but with time, our interests may alter or those accounts may no longer appeal to us. Your Instagram feed should be curated to inspire and to inform—prothe latest trends, the newest places to eat at, the best photography styles, the coolest fashion and beauty looks, and so much more. 


4. Your Inbox

spring clean emails

Don’t let that menacing thousandth figure of your unread emails scare you. There are a couple of easy ways to quickly get your inbox sorted. Compile all your promotional or subscription emails into one digest with the help of, which also helps you to unsubscribe. Or use the search function and delete emails in bulk by using keywords. 

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5. Your camera roll

clear your camera roll

The perfect selfie or food photo might be the chosen one out of 15 previous shots—do you need the other 14 pictures? Delete all the repeats or bad pictures; they’re just taking up the space that real memories deserve.


6. Your handbag

You’ll be surprised at what you’ve stuffed into your arm candy and consequently forgot about. The result: lugging around a heavy bag of junk. Do this not just for the sake of your wellbeing but for the handbag’s sake to keep it looking new and gorgeous inside and out. 


7. Your wardrobe

Detox your life - spring clean wardrobe

If you haven’t worn that off-shoulder dress in the last three months, you probably won’t be wearing it for the next three years; so why let it take up space? Separate out the ones that are still in good condition to be given away and bin the ones that look worse for wear. It can be surprisingly therapeutic. 


8. Your car

It’s one of the common places to change shoes for one occasion to another. Hence, it ends up being a mini shoe closet, among other things. Clear out any empty bottles, parking receipts, scarves, accessories and what not—your car is a mode of transportation, not a mobile home or trash bin. 


9. Your negative mind

detox negative mind

If there’s one thing you can learn from our Muse of the Month Taylor Swift, it’s that you should know and acknowledge your worth. Cleanse out those bad thoughts, write them down in a journal and think of something to counter that negative belief. With great confidence and self-love comes a whole new world in your eyes. 

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