Bust a move: 5 Dance workout videos to do at home

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By Su Fen Tan

Bust a move: 5 Dance workout videos to do at home

If dancing is your idea of a good time, you are going to love working out to these fitness videos. Don’t worry about not being a good dancer, just let loose, work up a sweat, and most importantly—have fun! 


1. Dance to Meghan Trainor’s Me Too with the Fitness Marshall

Dance to the latest hits with Caleb a.k.a the Fitness Marshall. His high-energy workouts are guaranteed to have you up and moving and sweating and laughing.


2. A simple hip hop routine with Danielle Peazer for toned abs

This is not just a great way to be introduced to simple hip hop moves, it will help you on your way to toned abs and thighs too.


3. A quick dance break with Shaun T

Shaun T used to be a backup dancer for Mariah Carey, so you know he’s definitely got the moves, and here’s your chance to learn some of ’em. He makes it simple enough for us to follow without losing any of its fun factor. 


4. 25 minutes of dance cardio with Simone De La Rue

Simone’s Body By Simone workouts have celebrities flocking to them for a reason – they boast transformational weight-loss results. Here is one that might help you on your way to a toned body like that of a Victoria’s Secret model. 


5. A 21-minute GymRa routine to burn those calories

We might not be working to that gorgeous view behind the girls, but we will surely feel those calories burning with this exercise. Want to take the challenge one step further? Add in your own equipment (dumbbells, kettlebells etc) to gain strength and build muscle!


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