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3 Indulgent ways to kickstart your #selfcare weekend right now


By Wei Yeen Loh

3 Indulgent ways to kickstart your #selfcare weekend right now

As we count down to the last two weeks of 2019 (where has time gone), it’s only fitting to treat yourself to a seriously decadent experience of head-to-toe treatments. From a facial that promises to turn back the effect of time on your skin to an Oriental meridian massage that promotes blood circulation, these are the best ways to put the capital S in #selfcare before the year ends:

#1 Explore this all-in-one wellness hub

“The future of wellness is now in Kota Damansara. We recently checked out the luxurious Future of Wellness (FoW), Malaysia’s first integrated wellness hub, featuring an impressive array of hair and beauty, spa, wellness and medical services across four floors, making it the latest (and much needed) self-care sanctuary for the weekend.

“A unique space where western treatments meet eastern healing techniques, FoW is also spearheading a downshifting movement, a crucial reminder for us to slow down, regain balance and live more intentionally through restorative treatments and practices from up to 10 leading ‘residents’ in its vast 23,000 sq ft space including:

  • OhanaJo Studio, the largest yoga and sound healing centre in Malaysia
  • Jari Jari Spa, winner of ASEAN Best Spa Standards Award and the only spa in Malaysia to offer ethnic Borneo massages with Himalayan sound healing elements
  • BondHaven, a modern breastfeeding centre integrating traditional Malay maternal care
  • 1TCM, where traditional Chinese treatments meets modern science
  • WorkWell, Malaysia’s first wellness themed co-working space, and more.

“FoW is the brainchild of founder Patrick Wee, a key player in the Malaysian wellness scene following his success in bringing quality and affordable treatments to the masses at 36 (and counting) HealthLand outlets nationwide. Continuing his path, which was largely inspired by his personal strive to overcome health challenges over the years, FoW is a new and elevated concept dedicated not just to health and beauty but a much larger conversation surrounding mindful living, and is set to revolutionize how Malaysians can find some inner calm in our incredibly busy and fast-paced city lives.” – Terry Saw, Editor-in-Chief

Future of Wellness (FoW) is located at 22A, 26, 28 Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway Kota Damansara. Hours are 10am-11pm (daily), call +603 2106 6888 for more details.

#2 Turn back the effects of time with a facial

“I guess it’s true when they say youth is wasted on the young. I wasn’t quite the believer of sunscreen and serum in my younger days. But now that I’m in my mid-30s, I understand more than ever the importance of taking care of one’s skin and doing whatever I can to stop slow down the effects of time. I’m blessed in the sense that I have good genetics but anti-ageing skincare has become an important part of my beauty routine.

“I gladly visited Neal’s Yard Remedies at The Gardens recently to have my face kneaded and rolled back into shape with its OxyLift Carat Facial that is targeted at “unwinding the effects of time” while learning more about its premium frankincense range. Since ancient times, frankincense has been highly sought after for its many positive benefits including enhancing spiritual practice and beauty routines.

“‘Scientific research has found that frankincense has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties,’ explained Gloria Yuan, Neal’s Yard Remedies international trainer and certified aromatherapist. ‘Frankincense is one of the most precious aromatic resins that you can find in skincare today because of these beneficial properties. Harvesting it takes a long time as frankincense resins (saps from tree) can only mostly be found in Oman, Yemen and some parts of Africa. There are 25 known species and most grow in the desert or rocky mountain and in harsh climates.’

“With my newfound knowledge on frankincense, I went into the spa room to fully experience its benefits coupled with modern technologies. My session started off with a manual “inspection” by the therapist using touch, feel and keen-eye scrutiny across every inch of my face. This was done to determine my skin type, concerns and prescribe the best product combo for all my needs.

“Apparently, my skin is dry. Many times I’ve gone to a facial and been told my skin is akin to a Sahara desert but I don’t really see it as there aren’t any noticeable tight sensation or flakiness. Ageing causes a weaker barrier function and thus lead to drier skin, wrinkles, fine lines, and more.

“As the therapist started on a double cleansing, she explained that the OxyLift Carat Facial is really good for my face to bring back the glow, plump, firm and contour, and reduce the signs of ageing. She followed this with a facial steam and extraction, which thankfully didn’t leave me screaming bloody murder. To calm down my skin, the therapist gave me a soothing massage with a blend of a few essential oils that include jojoba, rosehip and frankincense (from the brand’s Rejuvenating Frankincense range). She then used the ReFa Carat platinum roller to get the circulation pumped up and reduced puffiness. This was my favourite part as it was totally relaxing. With the oxygen jet spraying over my face, my skin was infused with a blast of oxygen and frankincense toner followed by moisturiser.

“The facial ended with the most relaxing hands and shoulder massage. Post treatment, my serotonin was on a high and I’ve not felt more rejuvenated at a facial than I did before, plus my skin was positively firmer with less dark circles around my eye area.” – Gwen Ong, Associate Editor

OxyLift Carat Facial ((105 minutes / RM428) is available at Neal’s Yard Remedies boutiques

#3 Pamper your body in an Oriental meridian massage

“Anyone who’s looking for a personalised full-body ritual can opt for Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur’s signature Oriental Qi body oil treatment. What sets it apart from the other customised spa treatments in the market is the incorporation of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques (via oriental meridian massage strokes) and holistic practices with custom-blended essential oils.

“I was looking for a way to relieve the tension in my shoulders—no thanks to terrible desk posture; and was curious to see how Oriental Qi would help alleviate these tense knots. After filling out a questionnaire to glean whether my body’s disposition was more Yin or Yang (I scored higher on the latter), I was asked to pick one out of five aromatherapy oils categorised under five elements i.e. wood, earth, fire, water and metal.

“My choice was ‘Flourish’ (earth), a combination of lemongrass and coriander that smelled invigorating to boot. My treatment then started out with a warm foot soak, followed by a meticulous massage that included kneading strokes with just-enough pressure to sort out my stiff shoulders and back. According to my therapist, the massage technique is applied along the meridian lines of the body to help remove “blockages” and release qi (energy flow) for better blood circulation.

“I admit—a part of me was skeptical about this treatment’s efficacy, but an hour and 50 minutes later, my body was testament that one should always keep an open mind when it comes to spa treatments as such. My shoulders were free of the tense knots from before the session, while my limbs hovered between a state of jelly-like and wonderfully stretched-out. I may or may not have lulled in a zoned-out state of mind (and body) after the treatment—if only it was a weekend that I had taken up this review.” – Loh Wei Yeen, Beauty Editor

Oriental Qi is priced at RM 730 nett (1 hour 50 minutes). Book it now before 31 December to receive a personalised elemental oil and a mini guide with each treatment. Advance booking is required—call The Spa at 03-21798772 or email [email protected].

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