Pamper your tresses with these hair treatments before Raya

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

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Pamper your tresses with these hair treatments before Raya

Looking to tame your mane in time for Raya? These in-salon hair treatments will help.

It’s no secret—fasting can really take a toll on your body. If you’re not nourishing yourself properly (let’s be real—who has the time or energy to cook a balanced meal at three in the morning? The real ones know that eight bowls of cereal are the way to go), you’ve probably noticed your skin and hair quality going by the wayside. Duller, flatter, and dry, to be specific.

Well, if you can’t fix up your diet in the last few days of Ramadan for the sake of your tresses and your complexion, we suggest getting a couple of treatments done instead. Now, we’ve already covered the fragrances you should try for your Raya refresh, so it’s time to round up our favourite hair treatments for shinier, healthier tresses.

Ahead, find all the salon treatments to try before Raya season:


For wearied scalps…

Shiseido Professional Sublimic Salon Treatment with Fuente Forte Gua Sha add-on

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If you’re struggling with a dry, sensitive or irritated scalp, Shiseido Professional has the treatment for you. Its Sublimic salon treatment aims to rejuvenate your scalp and hair, and with the all-new Fuente Forte Gua Sha add-on service, it’s a full pampering. The session starts with a consultation to tailor your session to your scalp’s needs, followed by three hours of indulgent scalp massages, aromatherapy, deep cleansing, and a lymph-draining gua sha ritual to top it all off.

Shiseido Professional treatments are available at participating salons nationwide.

Cocodry Cream Bath

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Hailing from Indonesia, this hair care treatment at Cocodry is not one to miss. The treatment seeks to rejuvenate wearied scalps, nourish and moisturise the hair, and deliver a protective, anti-ageing benefit against oxidative stress.

You can expect a gentle scalp exfoliation, the classic Cocodry hair and scalp massage, a purifying and soothing herb bath for your hair and scalp, and a soothing steam mask to help your hair soak in all the benefits.

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For excess frizz…

The Hair Tric and Lashility 100% Natural Keratin Treatment

Smooth, silky hair doesn’t have to come at the cost of your natural hair structure. Hair Tric’s de-frizzing keratin treatment uses a 100 per cent chemical- and formaldehyde-free keratin treatment to eliminate frizz and improve your hair’s manageability.

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Aizu Hair Salon Signature Sakura Hair Treatment


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Bid adieu to your dry, frizzy mop—The Five’s Aizu Hair Salon is here with the revitalising hair treatment you’ve been searching for. Created to improve the health and appearance of hair, it uses the powers of the Sakura flower and nano mist technology to spruce up your locks.

The treatment begins with a relaxing shampoo to cleanse and prep your hair for the Sakura Treatment Cream. The treatment cream is then applied with the nano mist spray to help it penetrate deeper into each strand. Finally, the treatment wraps up with an aromatherapeutic hair spa that locks in all the goodness. Then, your hair is dried and styled to sleek perfection.

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For damaged tresses…

AUBE Hair Salon Tokio Inkarami Treatment

This hair treatment uses products and techniques imported directly from Japan—so you can rest assured that what you’re experiencing is the cream of the crop. Their Tokio Inkarami hair treatment is touted as the best system in Japan, using patented technology and the Nobel Prize-winning ingredient, Fullerene.

It reincarnates damaged hair, helping each strand regain strength, shine, moisture and silkiness.

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Number76 Signature Ultrasonic Premium


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Restore your hair’s natural softness and shine with Number76’s Signature Ultrasonic Premium treatment. The treatment formula penetrates deeply into severely damaged hair using high-speed vibrations from a cold ultrasonic iron that works to help strengthen and smooth your hair out.

Plus, it comes with home care boosters to help you prolong the sleek results through Raya and beyond!

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