Tools of the trade

Clinique for Men gives you the tools for a cleaner, brighter mug


By Buro247

Tools of the trade

Just like your car, there are times when you have to leave the cleaning to the professionals. A detailed clean that a little soap and water lathered up between your own two hands cannot achieve. The Clinique for Men Sonic System Deep Cleansing Brush has two varying degrees of charcoal bristles specially designed for the ultimate cleanse. The lighter bristles are softer on the skin, well suited for the more delicate areas such as your cheeks, while the firmer, darker bristles are angled to better navigate the contours and unclog the pores in your T-Zone.  All that is required is a coin-sized amount of Charcoal Face Wash and in 30 seconds, your face will be clean enough to eat off (your missus will thank you).

Clinique for Men Cleansing Brush retails for RM359 and the Charcoal Face Wash will retail for RM106. Both will be available at Clinique counters and at

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