6 Low maintenance haircuts for men that aren’t boring and basic

Ditch the short back and sides


By Redzhanna Jazmin

6 Low maintenance haircuts for men that aren’t boring and basic

While looking great can come at the cost of hours of primping and preening, it doesn’t have to! We get it—not everyone has the patience or the energy to spend hours on their mane each day. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up the best low-maintenance haircuts for any fella who wants to impress.

From classic buzz cuts to edgy faux hawks, there’s a cut out there that is easy to maintain for every guy who wants to look sharp without sacrificing precious time.

Ahead, find six low-maintenance haircuts for men that are anything but basic and boring. So, whether you’re a busy guy on the go or you simply can’t be bothered with fussy hairstyles, check out these stylish and practical cuts.


The Bold Buzz


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Okay, so this could be a really basic cut, but bear with us. The buzz is super in right now, and there’s an easy way to elevate it—chuck a bit of bleach and dye over your cut to take it from basic to banging. Alternatively, shave a few lines into the side of your buzz to keep the intrigue up.


The Mullet


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It’s no secret—here at BURO, we’re huge fans of a good ol’ shag cut. The style all but exploded among Hollywood’s elite back in 2020 and for good reason—it’s easy to maintain (a must during lockdown life) and it looks sick. You really can’t go wrong with the “business in the front, party in the back” combo.


The Crew


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Are you after a cut that is professional, easy to maintain at home, and great for face-shaping? Take a leaf out of Postie’s book and get a crew cut. Now, at first glance, it might seem like a boring cut, but when paired with a full face of facial hair, a big bleach or even just an accent slit on the side, it’s a cool-boy cut for the ages!


The Modern Curtains


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You may recognise this as the classic ’90s grunge cut or, with a little extra wave to it, as the classic K-pop boyband curtains we love today, but the middle-parted fringe actually goes back centuries. As a cut, it’s pretty easy to maintain—just get it cut on the shorter side, and it should be at least a few months before you’ll need another reshaping done. And, if you feel like your hair needs a little extra oomph, consider getting a texture perm to help you keep the shape for longer!


The rehabilitated skater boy


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Do you ever find yourself missing the days of MySpace fringes and Blink-182? Try the rehabilitated skater boy cut on for size—it’s an update on your classic 2000s staple, somewhere between a wolf cut and a shag. Best described as a mid-length, textured cut with lots of face-framing layers, it has all the movement of your scene king, Bieber cut without the heaviness (or the negative connotations). Better yet, it’s versatile! Wear it off your face for a more put-together, professional look, or down for a playful, boyish twist.


The man bob

Liking the idea of longer locks but don’t want to commit to a full ponytail? Try on the man bob for size. This above-the-shoulder cut is perfect for those who hate the feeling of long hair but love the aesthetic, and it’s a versatile cut that’s perfect for those averse to regular barber trips.


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