Classic men’s hairstyles that can never go wrong

As debonair as it gets


By Wei Yeen Loh

Classic men’s hairstyles that can never go wrong

When you think about any men’s hairstyles at all—from the volumous quiff to the slicked-back side-parted hairdo—chances are it’s been modernised and/or reinvented from classic hairstyles of the past. Think of the pompadour and who else but Elvis Presley in Jailhouse Rock comes to mind? If Mad Men‘s Don Draper’s hair is on your list of hairstyles to reference for your next haircut, check out favourite Bond—Sean Connery’s pioneering slicked-back hair in From Russia With Love

Here are six renowned movie icons from the Old Hollywood era that are in our Hall of Fame for their trendsetting and undeniably effortless hairdos:

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