Boys in beauty: Game-slaying makeup vloggers you need to know about

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By Redzhanna Jazmin

Boys in beauty: Game-slaying makeup vloggers you need to know about

The attitude towards men in makeup has come a long way since Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz first sported his signature smokey eye. It’s 2021 now: The online beauty scene has long been infiltrated by the boys and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

While YouTube’s beauty community has long been dominated by drama, centred around a certain group of people, there are plenty of content creators out there that are actually focused on the art of makeup and entertainment. 

With years of wisdom in the beauty industry to back them up and engaging content that keeps us all entertained, these guys are doing their own thing (and doing it really, really well). Ahead, find our favourite boys in beauty to follow on YouTube (and Instagram) now:

Hung Vanngo

If you’re a seasoned beauty buff, you’ll probably recognise Hung Vanngo. Also known as one of Hollywood’s most prolific makeup artists, Vanngo has worked with the likes of Bella Hadid, Miranda Kerr, and Emily Ratajkowski, and is the long-time trusted makeup artist of Selena Gomez.

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If you’d like a true masterclass from one of the best MUAs in the game, look no further. On Vanngo’s YouTube channel, you’ll find beautiful makeup tutorials that cover a range of skin types, tones, and textures as well as a range of styles—from more editorial, vibrant looks (below) to modern takes on ’90s supermodel glam.

John Maclean

Forever walking the fine line between masculinity and femininity, Maclean is one of the most refreshing MUAs on YouTube. Imagine an aristocratic vampire teaching you how to beat your face right (and roasting you so politely you can’t even be mad), and that about sums up what it’s like to watch his videos.

Scrolling through his channel, you’ll find makeup tutorials, product reviews and even woodworking tutorials. In other words, it’s an experience—10/10.

NOTE: He has been MIA on YouTube for the past year, but there is still plenty of content on his channel to peruse and learn from. Plus, based on his recent Spring update, the hiatus is about to end!

Robert Welsh

This professional (IRL) makeup artist’s channel is quite the mixed bag, but in the best way possible—Welsh’s channel is chock-full of informative and engaging tutorials, funny (and, yes, still informative) makeup reaction videos, and totally honest reviews.

Plus, Welsh comes with a bonus—his twin brother and skincare vlogger, James (no, they are not the same person). If you’re after some truly hearty laughs, check out their joint channel—Welsh Twins—for “5 Minute Crafts” reviews, history lessons, and plenty of (pseudo)science experiments.

Wayne Goss

Wayne Goss is one of Youtube’s OG beauty legends—he’s been around for years and unlike most makeup tutorials from that era, his tutorials from as many as eight years ago still hold up well today. A classically-trained makeup artist by profession, Goss was one of the pioneering male makeup artists in the late 1990s and continues to drop absolute beauty wisdom even today (in addition to excellent makeup kits from his own brand). Check out his channel for useful tips and tricks as well as celebrity tutorials.

Patrick Ta

Another prolific makeup artist has recently joined the YouTuber club, and his name is Patrick Ta. With a celebrated makeup brand to his name in addition to an impressive celebrity clientele that includes the likes of Olivia Munn, Rihanna, and Ariana Grande (to name a few), Ta is well respected within the industry for good reason. On his channel, you can find in-depth tutorials for all things everyday-to-editorial and plenty of incredible beauty tips to spare!

Bretman Rock

A longtime YouTube favourite, the Filipino influencer has diversified his content away from beauty a little, throwing commentary and mukbang into the mix here and there. With his trademark funny, bubbly personality and flawless makeup skills, the makeup guru’s content is a surefire winner. See his take on a truly topical Zoom date beauty beat below, or check his channel out for his drag tutorials, celebrity makeovers or his hilarious vlogs.

Trixie Mattel

If you’re not yet familiar with the drag legend, we recommend you get acquainted. Trixie Mattel is the drag persona of Brian Michael Firkus, and she has kept well busy since her days on season three of RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars. With three studio albums, a book deal, a makeup brand (Trixie Cosmetics), and a YouTube channel to her name, it’s no wonder that she’s acknowledged as one of the biggest names in drag. On her YouTube channel, you’ll find all things Trixie, including snippets of her celebrated career in beauty.


You may be familiar with Gottmik, also known as Kade Gottlieb, from season 13 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. He made history as the first trans man to compete on the show and has continued to make a name for himself as a makeup artist, garnering a star-studded clientele that includes the likes of Cindy Crawford, Paris Hilton, Lil Nas X, and Adam Lambert. Check out his channel for all things drag!

Manny MUA

25-year old Manny Gutierrez was set on being a doctor before he found his true calling: Makeup. Two years later, he now boasts over 4 million subscribers on YouTube and an equally strong following on Instagram. Though he isn’t a professional makeup artist and his techniques are very tailored for social media (read: looks great on camera, may not be suitable for real life), his content is entertaining and he definitely has some fun beauty tips in tow.

Ivan Lam

Ivan Lam is a Malaysian (yay, representation!) who lives in Los Angeles, California and does pretty much everything on his YouTube channel from hair, makeup and skincare tutorials to vlogs with Jonathan from Queer Eye. The self-proclaimed Softboi is breaking boundaries by talking about everything from acne skincare to adapting to Western culture, all while serving some looks.

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