5 Barbers and salons to follow on Instagram for the best hair inspo

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By Phyll Wu

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5 Barbers and salons to follow on Instagram for the best hair inspo

Planning to get a new cut? Find the best hair inspo from these five top-notch barbers and salons on Instagram.

There is nothing more revitalising than getting a fresh cut that will instantly make you feel like a brand new person, especially during hard times. Went through a bad breakup? Get a haircut. Got fired from your job? Get a haircut. Feeling self-conscious? You guessed it—get a haircut.

That said, with so many styles to choose from, where do you even start? Well, good news! We’ve scoured out the best hairstylists and salons on Instagram that will give you all the inspo you need just by scrolling through their pages. From subtle chops to bold dyes, read on to find your next hair transformation!





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Based in Chinatown, New York, 12Pell’s skilled barbers could turn the most average-looking guy into a dashing heartthrob with a simple cut. Beyond their many hair transformation videos, they also share helpful tips and suggestions to get a cut that suits you best, so you can browse through their Instagram or TikTok page for professional advice!



Assort Hair

If you’re often scrolling through TikTok’s For You Page, chances are, you might’ve come across some of Assort Hair’s viral videos. Launched in Tokyo, Japan, the famed hair salon has expanded all the way to New York, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, and Sydney. Trust that they will nail any hairdos requested, be it cornrows or wolf cuts. Simply browse through their videos and you’ll surely find a hair makeover that catches your eye, perhaps even a style that you’ve never considered.



Anna Cutz


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Want the sickest, cleanest fade that complements your facial features best? Show your barber Anna Cutz’s works. Even if you’re struggling with a receding hairline, she has your back with pro advice to get the freshest cut that fixes any flaw.




It’s no secret that Japanese hairstylists are some of the best in the game. Just look at some of Ryusei’s works and you’ll know exactly what we mean (and he’s only 26!). If you’re hoping to get a hair transformation that will make you look like a real-life anime character, his Instagram page is the place to go for the best inspo. You’ll also find various unique hair dye styles to consider, but good luck picking just one!




Who doesn’t love the good ol’ mullet? We know we do! And Coiffeurstory does it best. Any mullet styles you can imagine, they’ve done it and best believe they’ve nailed it flawlessly. While you can never go wrong with the standard wolf cut, you should definitely explore all the different types of mullet on their Instagram page that are a hundred times cooler.




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