8 Best men’s hairstyles to hide receding hairlines



By Redzhanna Jazmin

8 Best men’s hairstyles to hide receding hairlines
Starting to lose volume in your hairline? Worry not—while scientists continue to work on a way to reverse the curse of male pattern baldness, here is some hair inspo to keep you feeling confident.

Before we begin, let’s be clear on one thing, lads—hair or no hair, you’re a hottie. While the thought of losing your crowning glory can indeed (and understandably) be a stressful and demoralising feat, male pattern baldness is a condition that affects half of the male population (and some of the female population!). You’re not alone.

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That said, it’s difficult to look your best when you’re not feeling your best. So, if the state of your hair has taken a toll on your self-esteem, rest assured that there is still hope—from medical treatments to clever styling choices, your hair is not a lost cause.

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Ahead, find the absolute best cuts and styles for receding hairlines:


The full shave

The easiest way to deal with a receding hairline is to fully commit to it—obviously, not everyone is ready to do a clean shave or buzzcut. However, if you are, this is a great-looking (and delightfully low-maintenance) option!

Case in point: We have never seen Jason Statham with a full head of hair, and we wouldn’t have it any other way (and neither would his fiancée, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!).


The “Peaky Blinder”

Introducing: The Caesar cut. This trendy haircut ticks all the boxes—it requires minimal styling and can easily be dressed up or down. Whether your hair loss is concentrated in one particular area or spread out across your hairline, the Caesar is guaranteed to cover it all.

Exhibit A: Cillian Murphy’s own receding hairline is severe, but you would never know!

The crew cut

Dealing with a receding hairline doesn’t always have to involve hiding it away. Keeping your hair neat, tidy, and well-groomed in a crew cut will keep all eyes on the prize: You.

However, if you simply must incorporate an illusion of some sort into your haircut, David Beckham’s styling cleverly directs his hair towards the front, creating the illusion of a smaller forehead and softening the hairline.


The short back and sides with a very long top

If your receding hairline has formed more of a ‘Widow’s Peak’ shape, this haircut is perfect for you. While it can be a little messy and tedious to style, the longer strands at the top of the cut can help to conceal the areas of hair loss. Harry Styles is one celeb who wears it very well!


The ’90s heartthrob

If your hair is still in relatively good condition bar the hair loss, one way to draw attention away from a receding hairline (or conceal it entirely) is to grow out your hair a little. This style works particularly well for receding hairlines that are most severe above the temples. Keep your hair on the lengthier side while incorporating a few face-framing layers here like Park Bo-gum.

NOTE: This particular haircut can be quite high maintenance with regards to styling!

The Thor

Luscious, long locks can be a great way to distract the eye from a receding hairline, as long as said tresses are shaped well during a haircut. As demonstrated by Avan Jogia, incorporating subtle, long layers into your haircut creates volume and movement in your hair, so you can more easily conceal the signs of balding.

NOTE: While the classic topknot may not be a great option for receding hairlines, a low bun is a great way to keep your hair off of your face (and minimise the risk of traction alopecia).


Mid-length, messy, and tousled

If long hair just isn’t a possibility for you, fret not—there is a happy middle. This cut is low maintenance yet versatile, so you can choose to look as intentionally bedheaded or as groomed as you prefer.


The businessman cut

ryan reynolds hair cut

For those of you with hairlines that are receding the most above the temples, this cut is perfect. It’s short and easily styled for professional settings, but there is enough length on the top and sides to play around with volumising techniques and styling tricks. Of course, having a full beard like Ryan Reynolds’ also helps!

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