8 Style lessons to pick up from local heart-throb Meerqeen

Cool, suave and stylish

Rising star Meerqeen has garnered a lot of attention lately, not only for his acting chops but his laidback luxe style too. Below, we round up eight of his outfits that are easy to replicate to inspire your everyday dressing

Actor and influencer Meerqeen has slowly risen into popularity since placing third in Hero Remaja 19/20, a local talent scouting competition that encompasses intelligence, style, bravery and looks in its assessment of participants. Currently the leading man in Melur Untuk Firdaus, a TV drama airing on Disney+ Hotstar, alongside our March cover star Anna Jobling, the 21-year-old artist has been attracting extra attention from fans online, as well as industry insiders, due to his boyish looks, tall, model-esque physique, unwavering confidence and exceptional acting skills.

Lately, Meerqeen has become quite the fashion darling about town, always appearing at high-end fashion parties and dressed in the latest designer collections as seen on his Instagram. However, what we’ve gathered from his postings is that he has a stellar individual style too. Below, we’ve dissected his everyday looks and broken down tips on how you (or your boyfriend) can dress better, inspired by the man of the moment.

1. Staples are necessary

A crisp white shirt can really turn your outfit from zero to a hundred quickly. Truly timeless, it is the foundation of every gentleman’s wardrobe and can be worn for every occasion. Plan to wear it to the beach like Meerqeen here? It works! Want to wear it to the office? Pair it with slacks and you’ve got yourself a stylish, work-appropriate outfit. Follow the star and match it with blue denims jeans for a knockout casual look.

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2. Layer on

Earlier this month, Meerqeen marked another year around the sun, and to celebrate, he posted an obligatory birthday post thanking his fans, wearing a black blazer over a plain tee and blue jeans that absolutely uplifts his outfit. Another versatile piece, the blazer, especially one in this colour, injects sophistication into an otherwise plain look.

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3. All-black elegance

How do you go wrong in an all-black outfit? The answer is, you don’t! Pictured here is Meerqeen standing tall and poised in a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans to match. However, the cherry on top of the cake is ultimately the warm brown tortoiseshell sunglasses that give his look a vintage twist.

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4. A monochrome moment

Donning an all-white suit with a black shirt underneath, Meerqeen teaches us the rudimentary understandings of colour theory—black contrasts best with white. A great-fitting suit is also another tip to looking good, especially when it’s tailored to fit your body frame.

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5. Leather up

No matter man or woman, a leather jacket is a great essential to have in any wardrobe. Always in style, it provides endless styling opportunities and is an effortless way to look put-together in an instant. Just look at the star here—clean-cut, suave and the true embodiment of the heart-eye emoji.

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6. Comfort is key

Being comfortable, whether you’re at home or strolling about taking OOTDs, should be your top priority when it comes to dressing up. Ultimately, your style principle should be: feel good, look good. That’s exactly what Meerqeen is doing here. Clad in a soft grey hoodie, a skull cap and workman trousers, he’s serving up street-style realness.

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7. Don’t forget to accessorise!

There are plenty of men’s accessories to choose from to spice up your look and Meerqeen knows exactly what works for him. Riding on the bucket hat trend that’s a streetwear hit, the actor opts for a minimal grey pick to help shade himself (and his eyes) from the sun instead of the regular old sunglasses. Low-key stylish!

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8. Sandals… but make it high fashion

As fashion’s current It-boy, it’s only natural to see Merqeen dressed in high-end fashion pieces. Following the Dior x Birkenstock collaboration launched on the 16th of June last week, we’ve come to realise that the Dior Milano sandal as worn by the actor here might just be the staple daytime footwear you need for a fuss-free luxe touch. Style your sandals with a pair of socks of your choice for a preppy finish.

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Pravin Nair

22/06/24 21:03

  • Image: Meerqeen