The thing with bridesmaid dresses is that you can either set a theme for your squad members to follow, or you can get ensure that you plan their outfits down to a T so that no one shows up wearing a blasphemous gown that (gasp) doesn't complement your team of bridesmaids/theme of the wedding.


But how do you ensure that your bridesmaid doesn't dread wearing your gown of choice during your big day? Simple rules to follow for picking their dresses include: No garish colours (hot pink and lime green are a no-no), no frivolous embellishments or detailing such as unnecessary ruching and frills that might prove to be unflattering, and perhaps cut down on the matchy-matchy sentiment of it all. Deck your squad in pastel confections that will actually float their boats so that they're that much happier helping you run last-minute errands during your wedding day. Shop these gowns below:


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