These days, the saying goes - "You can tell a lot about a person by their Instagram tiles." One quick scroll over Irene Kim's IG feed and you'll see a fun and fearless fashion and beauty tastemaker - cue her candy-tipped bob plus a variety of almost Cara D-like candid videos and street-style pictures, which keeps her 554,000 followers on @ireneisgood coming back for more.

The fashion student turn model, and now social media star has the world at her feet, having just added Estee Lauder's Global Beauty Contributor to her beauty duties. Through this unique collaboration, Estee Lauder and Irene aim to fuse the best of eastern and western beauty tips and techniques through a series of curated digital content across the brand's online and social media platforms. From what we see, @ireneisgood is just the beginning to many exciting things to come for beauty... #WatchThisSpace.