May birthstone: The best emerald jewellery to shop this month


By Joan Kong

May birthstone: The best emerald jewellery to shop this month

Emerald has been well-loved since the earliest times. Believed to have been mined as early as 300 BC in Egypt, the gemstone was a favourite of Cleopatra’s, who believed that the green stone symbolises fertility and rebirth. Aside from turning them into lavish jewellery, the ruler (and Ancient Egyptians) also used the gem to treat eye diseases. Even the dead were often buried with emeralds to symbolise eternal youth.

Fast forward centuries later, the gemstone has now been mined in over 30 countries, and while it has since adopted several meanings, every culture shares the same adoration towards the vivid green hue. On top of being the birthstone for May babies, emeralds are also used to commemorate 20th and 35th wedding anniversaries, as they’re believed to signify everlasting love.

The jewellery on our radar this month are not to be missed. There’s the emerald-diamond pendant from DeGem that’s truly a stunner, Spinelli Kilcollin’s Petuna ring that’ll make a great wedding band alternative, an 18-karat gold ring from Shay that’s adorned with not one but 16 oval-cut emeralds, as well as the Little Promises cuff from Aisha Baker that incorporates some of your other favourite gems too.

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