Inside the first Infinity by Degem boutique in Kuala Lumpur

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By Benedict Unang

Featured images courtesy of Infinity by DeGem
Inside the first Infinity by Degem boutique in Kuala Lumpur

If you’re into fine local jewellery, chances are you’re already familiar with DeGem. Known for its sophistication and contemporary flair, this homegrown brand has flourished for more than four decades, with a presence extending throughout the Klang Valley. From its flagship store in Bangsar to its sprawling Pavilion Bukit Jalil location, it remains a go-to destination for those with a penchant for timeless elegance in their fine jewellery collection.

This year, DeGem is spreading its wings with Infinity® by DeGem, a premier hub for bridal jewellery. The first brick-and-mortar store has opened its doors at MyTOWN Shopping Centre, offering a wide selection of exclusive bridal jewellery pieces including precious gemstone engagement rings and the sought-after Infinity wedding bands. Through this establishment, the mission is to empower the bond between modern couples who see wedding jewellery as a means to express their unique character and fashion sense.


To discover more about the freshly opened boutique, we recently joined Nia Atasha and Sky Iskandar on their visit to the shop. While there, they had the opportunity to try on several pieces of jewellery, including the top-selling Infinity Sydney ring, which features two separate bands that merge into one when worn. Nia also adorned herself with a couple of diamond rings, providing a striking contrast to her elegant white attire. 

On her other wrist, Nia tried on a few bangles, including BrilliantC® ideal-cut bangles with exceptional light performance. When layered together, these pieces seamlessly complemented each other, lending an air of refinement to any outfit. Drifting down her neck, you’ll catch sight of the BrilliantC® Tender Heart Blessing Diamond necklace, and the BrilliantC® Ultimate Dangling Diamond earrings gracing her ears. These earrings elegantly showcase four ideal-cut BrilliantC® diamonds arranged in a captivating outward cascade. 

“What I admire about the store is its evergreen offerings; there’s always something that never goes out of style.”—Nia Atasha 

Who says men can’t enjoy jewellery? They have their selections too. Take Sky, for instance, who matched his BrilliantC® Diamond ring with the BrilliantC® Eclipse pendant. This necklace is distinguished by its two ideal-cut BrilliantC® diamonds, elegantly set to appear as if they are floating in a mirrored vessel. Though it may seem subtle, it adds just the right touch to elevate his light grey ensemble. Watch Nia and Sky explore the new store and peruse the vast array of bridal jewellery below:



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