4 Distinct styles of wedding rings you need to know

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By Benedict Unang

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4 Distinct styles of wedding rings you need to know

Getting married soon? Congratulations! We know it’s been an anxious, stressful road preparing for one of the most important days of your life—from deciding on outfits to picking the perfect venue. While all of these things only happen once in a lifetime, something else (apart from your partner) will stay with you for the rest of your life—we’re talking about your wedding ring!

You might want to pay extra attention to this because you will wear the band every day and it will additionally illustrate your sense of style. If you’re still uncertain about what styles you prefer, keep calm because we’re here to guide you! Read on to discover four types of rings that can match your style. 


Classic rings


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Those who favour minimalism would have instantly picked the plain wedding band. This basic ring comes in gold, silver, or platinum, and since it lacks embellishment, it can harmonise with almost any look. There are plenty of options available, such as the Cartier 1895 ring, but if you seek something unique, choose the Chopard Ice Cube ring, which is shaped by tiny blocks of ice. Regardless of their form, the charm of classic rings lies in their simplicity and vintage flair. 


Eternity rings


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If you wish to keep your engagement ring, the eternity ring is an excellent companion. This elegant style retains the classic design while giving off a sparkling shimmer thanks to the diamonds and gemstones that are delicately arranged around it. Anoushka’s white gold eternity ring, for instance, has 18 diamonds gracing it, whereas De Beers’ half-eternity band only has a single row of round brilliant diamonds set on half of its surfaces. That said, keep in mind that resizing the ring can be tricky if your finger size grows over time because there isn’t enough room on the band, but it is still doable. 


Diamond rings

A touch of sparkle is the way to go if you want to make a statement with your wedding ring. The attention-grabbing piece often comes with a piece of diamond, such as the elegant Tiffany & Co. Tiffany True ring set with a round brilliant diamond. Likewise, Zoe Lev’s Toi et Moi ring is a great conversation starter with its pear-cut and heart-shaped diamonds. And, when it comes to jewels, there are many elements to weigh in on, specifically the 4Cs—colour, clarity, cut, and carat weight—so make sure you have a rough idea of what you want in a ring before stopping by the jewellery store.


Sapphire rings

Sapphire rings are typically used as engagement rings, but they can also be used as wedding rings. Aside from the deep blue tone, sapphires also come in every other colour, including pink, green, and red. The Delfina Delettrez emerald marquise ring and Blue Nile sapphire and diamond ring, for instance, look gorgeous when layered with a classic or eternity ring. No matter which gemstone you choose, each of them lends enchantment to the ring as a classic sign of devotion, truth, and nobility. 




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