Unpacking the grand launch of Bulgari Studio in Seoul

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By Benedict Unang

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Unpacking the grand launch of Bulgari Studio in Seoul

Earlier this year, Bulgari introduced the Bulgari Studio, a dynamic platform fostering creative synergy across diverse disciplines and imaginative realms. It serves as a nexus where the House’s innovative spirit converges with the visionary ideas of contemporary talents, reshaping the narrative of its emblematic pieces like the B.zero1 ring, the Bulgari Bulgari collection and the Bulgari Tubogas. What’s more, this groundbreaking initiative seeks to push the boundaries of the industry through the curiosity and limitless creativity of digital artists, designers, artisans and trailblazers. Together, they craft novel expressions that resonate with timeless elegance and universal appeal. 

In this inaugural edition, the spotlight is on the B.zero1 ring, with Antoni Tudisco leading its digital campaign. Known for his surreal style, the German-based Italo-Philippine artist deconstructs, rotates, mixes, and reinvents the ring’s distinctive aesthetic through his unique vision. Playing with light and the fluidity of the design, Tudisco’s artistic interpretation blurs the lines between reality and imagination. The ring ultimately finds its place within the vibrant cityscape of Seoul. 



The decision to debut the Bulgari Studio in Seoul comes as no surprise, given the established relationship between the Rome jeweller and the East Asian nation. Over the years, Seoul has been consistently selected by Bulgari to mark significant milestones, such as the 75th anniversary of the iconic ‘Serpenti’ collection and the hosting of prestigious exhibitions like the Magnifica High Jewellery collection in 2022 and the Bvlgari Colour exhibition in 2021. Moreover, the allure of the Korean capital lies in its capacity to attract a diverse international audience, including up-and-coming talents and trendsetters who are keen to take in its progressive and forward-thinking setting. 

In March, all eyes were drawn to the magnificent Théâtre des Lumières, now transformed into a captivating space offering a myriad of experiences that redefines the realms of design, innovation and creativity.  Among the illustrious guests like Blackpink’s Lisa, Seventeen’s Mingyu, Mile Phakphum, and Pia Wurtzbach, multi-disciplinary artist Anyma took centre stage with an awe-inspiring audio-visual live performance. Weaving through different art forms and mediums, the Italian DJ curated an experience that paid homage to the essence of B.zero1’s original design while infusing it with fresh elements.

Meanwhile, Sadeck Berrabah mesmerised audiences with performances that elegantly showcased the coordination of arm and hand movements. Through his choreography, the French choreographer illustrated the innate ability of humans to cultivate harmony and connection. His artistic expression also celebrated the individuality of each performer, underlining their essential role in the exploration. 



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To complete the experience, a dedicated installation was held at the heart of Seoul from March 13 to March 31, 2024. The display offered a peek into the collaborative process, allowing the public to witness the transformation of the narrative surrounding the iconic ring into a symbol of limitless possibilities. All in all, Bulgari has displayed audacity in reinterpreting the aesthetic code in a way that has never been seen before. As we look forward to the development of the Bulgari Studio in the coming year, we must acknowledge its fearless commitment to innovation and global collaboration with creative minds that elevate its brand identity.



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