#SelfieGoals: Drone selfies

High-angled wonder


By Buro247

#SelfieGoals: Drone selfies

Renee Lusano has set the bar real high on her Instagram page, using drones to take the most incredible selfies. Her shots will make any avid selfie taker envious and we foresee drones taking the place of selfie sticks on our social media feed soon. 

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For those who want to get in on this trend before anyone else, here are 3 mini drones that will easily fit into your palm and your bag. 


1. Nano QX FPV

This tiny drone weighs a little more than 15g and is easy to use. Despite it’s small size and light weight, the Nano QX uses a specific technology system with a sophisticated flight control software that will maintain it’s stability while it hovers in the air.


2. Hubsan X4 H107C

This mini drone doesn’t only look good but it is fast, nimble and agile. The Hubsan X4 is a good drone to use if you’re particularly interested in flying drones as it is a popular one amongst hobbyists. 


3. Parrot Minidrones Rolling Spider

This ultra-compact drone flies with impressive agility and it’s so small, you can even use it indoors. The best part about this drone is that it comes with removable wheels that will allow it to roll from floor to ceiling for more interesting angles.

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