Multi-masking: The new skin-perfecting trend

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Multi-masking: The new skin-perfecting trend

Sometimes it feels like we are in a constant battle with our skin, putting to the test what seems like a million products to make sure our skin is glowing but not greasy, acne-free but not dry, hydrated but not shiny and the list goes on. Which is why the latest skincare trend has our attention and the stamp of approval from celebrities like the Kardashians and Lady Gaga, who are big fans of announcing their love for masks on social media.

Multi-masking takes the skincare trend to the next level by simultaneously using more than one type of mask to address the different areas of your face – the idea makes complete sense as it is delivering targeted solutions to the different areas (and concerns) on your face

So, your chin’s prone to break-outs? Apply an acne-fighting clay mask here. Have an oily nose? Apply a mattifying, pore-cleansing mask there. Dry cheeks need lifting? A hydrating or firming mask is your go-to – you get the idea. To start you off, these new fast-acting, and concentrated formulas are out to impress – use all over the face or targeted areas, combined with other masks, where necessary.

For the T-zone

Try: bliss Multi-Face-eted All-in-One Anti-ageing Clay Mask, RM229

Often the skin’s oiliest and most breakout-prone area – your forehead, nose, and chin – are best soothed using a charcoal-based or mud mask. This is formulated with 10 percent glycolic acid to dissolve dead skin cells and support natural cell turnover. Plus, it’s formulated to extract dirt and oil while tightening the pores too!

 For the cheeks, chin and jaw

Try: L’Occitane Divine Cream Mask

Our cheeks can become more easily dehydrated than other areas of the face, which is why deep nourishment and hydration is key here. Look for masks specifically formulated to help skin retain moisture with hydrating peptides. This cream mask does just that as it helps to keep your skin supple and moisturised with its infusion of pure immortelle essential oil. Plus, it comes with a deluxe gold applicator, which acts as a great massagin tool to further penetrate the product into the skin for optimum results.

 If you only have five minutes

Try: Estee Lauder Micro Essence Infusion Mask, RM265 for a pack of six

Sheet masks have turned into a definite must-have for us beauty junkies; whether its cotton, hydro-gel or bio-cellulose, we’ll take them all. Plus, they are the best fuss-free, pick-me-up for tired and stressed skin – even five or ten minutes is all you have before you’re out the door again. This mask is infused with Micro-Nutrient Bio-Ferment goodness that encourages skin’s natural recovery function and provides a rich moisture boost to promote skin cell renewal as well as to address signs of ageing and fatigued skin. Made from hydro-spun cotton, it is sturdier than paper masks and does a better job of adhering to the face, hugging your facial contours perfectly for better penetration of the active ingredients. 

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