#KLFW2015 Highlights of Day 5

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By Wei Yeen Loh

#KLFW2015 Highlights of Day 5

KLFW RTW 2015 has officially come to an end, but not without a bang—Rizman Ruzaini’s menswear and women’s collection had special star-studded opening and closing performances courtesy of Anuar Zain, Ning Baizura and Ziana Zain while Jonathan Liang’s ultra mod and texture-filled collection kept us wanting for more looks than those already presented on the runway. Read on for a lowdown of the final night of KLFW 2015:

1. What’s great about Hayden Koh’s contemporary designs for the everyday woman is that it retains its classic feminine allure in all the finer details: fluted hemlines on knee-length skirts, dresses with fitted tops with full, flared pocketed skirts, and details such as white or glittery black front panels.

2. Tsyahmi stuck to his essentials while staying current as we saw a new variation of wide-legged trousers attached at the hemline with an open-front skirt, kebaya-inspired blazers, and folded pleats in a top.

3. Jonathan Liang had us scrambling to keep our jaws from dropping too low to the ground as our eyes feasted upon his flower appliquéd and metallic-filled creations. On our wishlists: a blue, black and white dress with a reversed ruffle detailing, a metallic, foil-like pink dress with matching pants, and a black tulle babydoll with white and red floral motifs scattered across the top. Need we say more?

4. Our digital lounge hosted Jonathan Liang’s showcase with esteemed guests including fellow designers Kittie Yiyi, Sean and Sheila, and Nelissa Hilman, Sarah Kate Watson-Baik from K-Style, and fashion blogger Vera Mao of Naked Glory present while sipping champagne and having an occasional Magnum Gold and Almond.

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