Enter the Theatre of Cuisines at Taste MIGF

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By Buro247

Enter the Theatre of Cuisines at Taste MIGF

To give visitors a taste of what is to come, Taste MIGF will be hosting a Super Gourmet Safari from 5–6 September in a specially created Theatre of Cuisines where chefs will be serving tasting portions from their Festival Menus. This year, the Taste MIGF will be held at Level 14, Berjaya Times Square Hotel and food lovers can delight in the fact that the tasting portions will be big enough for you to enjoy the chefs’ creativity but small enough for you to taste as many dishes as you can, using adorably-named Gourmet Dollars as a mode of payment. 

Also at Taste MIGF is an Epicure International Gourmet Village where boutique food and drink products such as wines, cheeses, and gourmet chocolates will be available at promotional prices. Another thing to look out for is the Epicure Lifestyle Workshops that will be held during the event. The workshops range from cooking classes to wine appreciation courses where foodies can learn from gourmet masters. Space for the workshops are incredibly limited, so it is encouraged to register your interest as soon as possible. 


To find out more about this epic food journey, visit www.tastemigf.com

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