Diving into the Sunny Side of Life with Piaget’s playful Possession


By Su Fen Tan

Diving into the Sunny Side of Life with Piaget’s playful Possession

It was in the middle of Spring when we made our way to Seoul last month—the effervescent city played host to Piaget’s Sunny Side of Life party, which took place at the K Museum of Contemporary Art in Sinsa-dong. While it was a rather cold night out, one step into the venue and guests were transported to a tropical paradise; the ground floor of the museum was transformed into a dazzling resort-like space bubbling with good vibes, with a swimming pool-themed room in one corner, and a glittering photo zone resembling a beach (complete with golden palm trees) in the other.

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Of course, no glamorous event in Seoul is complete without a few K-pop stars in sight. Spot celeb sisters Jessica and Krystal Jung in the party below:

Dive into the heart of the Sunny Side of Life campaign and you’ll find the new Possession collection. Still as captivating as ever with its iconic turning rings, the jewellery collection is now complemented by new pink gold creations with vibrant coloured stones, and the Possession watch, featuring a playful rotating bezel and interchangeable straps.

While in Seoul, we also had a chat with Chabi Nouri, CEO of Piaget, to delve a little deeper into the Sunny Side of Life and its reflection of the Maison’s luminous spirit.

Tell us about the spirit behind the Sunny Side of Life campaign and how Piaget’s values are reflected in it.

“When we came up with the campaign, we really looked at the peak era of creativity as well as the key values of Piaget—what has driven the Maison over its 140-year history, what has driven the decisions that were made, what is behind this pioneering, innovating spirit—and we found that there was always a very strong positive outlook of the world, and that has been very much expressed in all our products, and now, in the Sunny Side of Life campaign.

Ultimately, it is more than a campaign—it’s Piaget’s expression, and it comes from the values and DNA of the brand. It expresses the allure, elegance, sheer joy, freedom of creativity and the positive outlook of the world; these are all very dear to Piaget’s values. This campaign encapsulates all these values, and it speaks of how we inject them into our creations, the boutique designs, and everything we do. So the Sunny Side of Life spirit is really Piaget’s spirit, and a way to express Piaget’s spirit.”

And how did the Sunny Side of Life campaign inspire the new Possession collection?

“The Possession collection has been an icon for Piaget for a long time, and we injected all the refinements, the gem-setting—a nod to our jewellery watches—and colours that come from the ’60s, a tribute to the time when we invented the thinnest movement that allowed us to have a bigger dial and to play with stones, into the creations. Those are some of the things we’ve added to the Possession collection, making it a celebration of life’s most radiant moments like the Sunny Side of Life campaign.”

“With the watch, we added a tinge of playfulness with the rotating bezel concept, which is a Possession signature, making this is a strong collection because it has a concept that is quite unique to us.”

Who is the Possession woman?

“I think there are multiple facets to the Possession woman, because there are so many different creations within the collection. Possession has the power to be there for occasions, to celebrate moments, with pieces like the wedding bands, rings, and the more timeless designs. On the other hand, there are also the playful, colourful pieces like the bangles and pendant that you can wear and style differently everyday. So I would say that she is someone who wants to express her individuality, a woman who shines with a charismatic aura, and she’s joyful.”

How would you sum up the Possession in three words?

“Playful, colourful, and expressive.”

Tips on how to style the Possession collection.

“I love to stack—the stackability of the collection keeps it interesting. You can mix it up with the differently-sized and colourful bangles, and you can pair it with the watch as well. The watch that we just launched is a complement to the jewellery. It takes the same cues: it’s very feminine, it’s very rounded, it’s very sensual—you can’t help but play with the turning bezel from time to time—it’s also very playful and powerful.

The beauty of Possession lies in its versatility as well. For example, if you are wearing a dress with an open back, you can wear the necklace with the pendant to the back, giving your look a unique edge. The watch straps also come in all the colours of the bangles, as well as in classic black, and you can easily change the strap on your own depending on the occasion.”

What is your vision for Piaget, and how is that unfolding after one year at the helm of the brand?

“My vision for Piaget is for more people to know about and understand the brand. I think Piaget has so much to offer, and it’s such a beautiful, desirable brand that the more we know about it, the more we’d want to see and try the creations on for ourselves. We are also looking to develop in more countries. One year at the helm of Piaget has been a fantastic experience—the beauty of it is that I was already working with the brand before I assumed this role, so being able to work even more closely with the brand and the aspect of having new collections in high jewellery, watches is always exciting.

One of Piaget’s strengths is that it is one of the rare Maisons that has the credibility and legitimacy to do watches and jewellery, and we are a very natural fit with both worlds, appealing to both men and women with our everyday pieces and exceptional creations.”

Lastly, what empowers you?

“I try to be true to myself—I don’t wait for anyone to empower me. I know what I have to do, I have a feel and intuition for what I have to do, and I go for it with all my passion and determination. So don’t wait for someone to empower you, just go for it because there is no reason for you not to feel empowered. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO, a wife, a manager, or a friend, just be true to yourself and fight strongly for what you believe in.”

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