A fusion of couture and jewellery: Soie Dior

Smooth as silk


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A fusion of couture and jewellery: Soie Dior

Inspired by the riveting movement and sheen of the finest silk ribbons used in couture gowns, Victoire de Castellane unravels a collection of high jewellery—Soie Dior. With its play on the versatility of ribbons, the jewellery pieces mimic their movement as they are pleated, coiled, twisted and contorted.

“When you toy with a ribbon, it is instinctive, it is ephemeral, and I wanted to retain that idea of freedom in play” explains Victoire de Castellane.

In the midst of the manipulation of ribbons, each jewellery piece acts as a freeze frame between two of the undulant movements, capturing its seamless transition through its delicate use of central and paving stones in varying cuts, contrasting colour harmonies and textured effects.

Dénoué Diamant Necklace

In order for the stones to reflect the suppleness of silk, craftsmen of the greatest Parisian fine jewellery workshops developed treasures of artistry and ingenuity, which are engraved, chased and polished to attain its realistic and sensual volumes.

Within the collection, rivers of diamonds are speckled in cuts that range from marquise and baguette to pear and brilliant, which are then set at differing heights to achieve the sparkling lustre of silk ribbons. In addition to this, the collection embeds the concept of ‘couture’ right to its core by adopting made-to-measure setting techniques, including a new ‘Planné Griffé’ setting on the Dénoué set of jewels.

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