6 Favourite snacks you’ll find at a Deepavali open house

Festival of (food and) lights


By Rachel Au

6 Favourite snacks you’ll find at a Deepavali open house

Happy Deepavali! As every celebration calls for scrumptious food and delicious snacks, we decided to go with the latter and list some of our favourites. 


1. Murukku (of course)

Favourite deepavali snacks murukku

It’s not Deepavali if there’s no murukku. Then again, it’s so popular that it’s a common snack in our everyday life. 


2. Omapodi

Favourite deepavali snacks omapodi

Similar to murukku but much thinner yet just as addictive. 


3. Mathri

Favourite deepavali snacks mathri

A traditional North Indian – specifically Punjabi – snack, there is both a sweet and savoury version of this flaky biscuit. For the latter, it’s usually fried with various spices to make it more fragrant and crispy. 


4. Ladoo

Favourite deepavali snacks ladoo

It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t fancy a good ladoo but be warned as these ball-shaped snacks are so sweet, it’s not really something to binge-eat on (like murukku).


5. Jalebi

Favourite deepavali snacks jalebi

This pretzel-shaped sweet gets its bright orange colour from saffron and can be served either warm or cold.


6. Kuih ros

Favourite deepavali snacks kuih ros

Not exactly of Indian origins but it’s a pretty common (and delicious) find at most open houses during Deepavali and it is sometimes known as bee hive or achu murukku.


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