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3 Pairs of friends on finding their inner strength
The ultimate power
Diane Chia, Yasmin J. Soh, Lenna Lim, Evonne Teah, Cik Manggis and Hunny Madu on the power that lies within
Each one of us is built differently, whether in physical or mental capacity but we all have the same ability to shape our thoughts, confidence and strength to be the best version of ourselves. We can take on any challenge
and achieve great things when we put our mind to it, for we have the strength inside to guide and push us through life's beautiful intricacies.

We asked three pairs of Friends of Buro to share what strength means to them and how they motivate themselves when the going gets tough. Strength comes in many forms and in many ways as we discovered.
Diane Chia
General Manager, GuavaPass China & Malaysia
When is a woman strong?
A strong woman is someone who tries to make a difference in the world regardless of how big or small that may be. She is determined to pursue her dream despite the uncertainties or rough road ahead. Also, she doesn't take 'no' for an answer.
How do you find your strength?
I love working out and sweating it out – I try to squeeze in at least five classes a week. There's nothing better than a clear mind, endorphins and rewarding yourself after a work out. It's this sense of accomplishment in making yourself stronger that I feel energised for whatever life may throw my way. I find strength in making time for myself. I actually started exercising because of my job but now I exercise because it is something that I enjoy doing for myself. If I have a bit more time over the weekend, I love going wakeboarding, hiking and even rock climbing. These activities really put your body and mind to the test. It's an endurance of strength and will – I still have some battle scars that I'm proud of.

Yasmin J. Soh
When is a woman strong?
A strong woman in my eyes would be someone who is able to take on a challenge head on. She is someone who admits her faults and weaknesses but doesn't use it to her advantage or as an excuse. She is discreet yet you will be able to feel or notice her thoughts, contributions and values.
How do you find your strength?
Besides working out, food also plays a big part in my health. I try to eat clean and avoid wheat as much as I can. I recently had to leave work to focus on some health issues but I'm healing now, so I'm looking at ways to get back on top. I love to bake and I've been trying out healthy recipes that are good for everyone in the family. My kids and I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen making healthy donuts together. I also love to read as it's a way to recharge my body and mind. My favourite book is Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss – I read this whenever I need a dose of motivation. It talks about the habits and routines of successful people, so you learn from other people's experiences and apply it to your life.

Lenna Lim
What does strength mean to you?
Strength is about believing in yourself and your passion. My dream is to become a successful actress and to be better than who I am today. There were many times in my career that I felt like giving up – I had so many disappointments and setbacks that made me hate acting for a while. But I realised how much I love this craft, so I reset my mind that I shouldn't give up easily because that's my dream.
How do you find your strength?
Sports have always been my hobby. One of my favourite activities is cycling. When I'm riding my bike, I get a whole new perspective on things and I feel motivated after that. When the adrenaline kicks in, it feels like I can achieve anything I want to, and it helps to take my mind off whatever I am stressing about at that moment. It's like nothing else matters but me, myself and the finish line. I like this feeling of liberation and the confidence within me.

Evonne Teah
What does strength mean to you?
Strength is about being a fighter – it's about how strong you are physically and mentally to overcome any challenges in life. It's about being brave and facing your fears. I personally see a strong woman as someone who works hard to achieve her goals yet she finds the balance between juggling her career and family. She is someone who lives with a dream.
How do you find your strength?
A combination of working out, watching what I eat and getting enough rest. I also love cooking and preparing wholesome meals to help me fuel my day and body. Cooking is something that I love doing for my family and it gives me a lot of satisfaction to see them enjoying what I've prepared. One of my favourite things to make is smoothie bowl – it's super easy to whip up and yummy to indulge in but minus the guilt. Being in the kitchen helps me unwind after a long day out; I find that it's a great way to relax and find my balance.

Cik Manggis
Singer & dancer
How would you define strength?
I think strength is knowing what you're capable of, it's about understanding yourself and expressing yourself. It's the ability to go through life each day accomplishing the impossible and doing what no one thought you could. A strong woman is someone who is in charge of her life but even in the uncertainties, she is able to control her emotions and find herself.
How do you find your strength?
I've always strongly believed that I am strong in facing whatever that might come my way. That's how I programmed my mind to think and build my confidence through the years – this has always been how I lead my life. As someone who enjoys working and having a productive lifestyle, I find great joy when I have my own free time to do something I love. I like to spend my time making videos and dancing. I dance four times a week and this has always been my favourite therapy. I started dancing when I was in school because it allows me to be in control of my body and express myself. When I'm on the dance floor, nothing else matters.

Hunny Madu
Singer & host
How would you define strength?
Strength to me means the ultimate will power to achieve your goals. It's about having strength in your body, mind and emotions to withstand challenges that are thrown at you and being able to give it all you've got to ensure you win the battle. Strength is also about sustaining the body with the right fuel for energy, the right frame of mind for thinking straight and the ability to give and receive love for the strength of that emotional balance.
How do you find your strength?
I always challenge myself to always be more inquisitive about life, always ask questions and always stay hungry. My lifestyle is pretty hectic these days in between juggling two kids and a family while having a career and handling my own business. So when I need a time out, I turn to music. I get a sense of calmness when I'm listening to my favourite songs, and the beats always push me forward. Sometimes when I'm in the mood, I also play the guitar – I'm not really good at it – but I really love music and what it can do for you in so many ways.
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