Tasting notes: Berry with the lowest bitterness
Best served: As a longer cup
Tasting notes: Distinct cereal and sweet popcorn
Best served: With a generous drop of milk and sugar
Tasting notes: Punchy, bitter with a woodsy aroma
Best served: As a latte
Tasting notes: Intense, sweet with a hint of bitterness
Best served: With a plate of cinnamon rolls
Tasting notes: Refined and balanced with exceptional flowery aromas and complex tastes
Best served: As a long black, but not without first, savouring its elegant aroma
Tasting notes: Malty and aromatic
Best served: Topped up with hot water and a slice of cake on the side
Machine Subscription
You can now opt for a 12-month subscription to a Nespresso machine for only RM50, on top of a monthly fee. The subscription fee is dependent on the machine of your choice. For now, the Essenza Mini Silver is available at RM80 a month, which will be added to your account as Nespresso credit for online purchases. You will also be entitled to free delivery on all orders (limited to a minimum of 50 capsules orders online).

Find out more here.
Limited-edition World Explorations merchandise
Complement the new World Explorations range with six limited-edition white porcelain coasters. Each is designed to celebrate the six featured cities and their rituals, traditions and elements that served as inspiration. There are also two new colourful double-walled cups in the iconic Pixie Lungo collection based on the World Explorations Shanghai and Buenos Aires Lungo capsules. The Nespresso World Explorations coffee range is priced at RM23 per sleeve. You can get them online here.