Jestinna Kuan takes our fun challenge to test her senses
A new sensation from Kosé Sekkisei is coming up as we dare Friend of Buro,
Jestinna Kuan to a guessing game with a twist

Life is all about trying out new things. From the tangible to the intangible, we're encouraged to pursue the unknown to clock up more in our "experience" count. It's undeniable that the unknown is rather scary but more often than not, it's exciting and fun. We put this to the test! Or rather, we had Insta personality and pharmacist Jestinna Kuan, over for a guessing game involving a mystery box filled with various food and beauty items in celebration of the launch of the new Kosé Sekkisei Essential Souffle.

See the fun exchange below:

In the spirit of trying out new things and embracing the unknown, Jestinna Kuan gets acquainted with the new Kosé Sekkisei Essential Soufflé for the first time. Kosé Sekkisei Essential Soufflé is a softening moisturiser that combines the effects of a beauty essence and an emulsion into one. It has a unique, soft-like-soufflé texture that goes deep into the skin to support its barrier function and balance the oil and moisture level within without leaving any sticky residue. Thus, skin feels deeply hydrated, soft and smooth.
Just like your favourite soufflé dessert!

"I have combination skin, sometimes it looks normal on the outside but it's actually dry inside. It gets worse whenever I travel as I can see how dehydrated my skin is. That is why I'm always on the lookout for moisturising products that can help me balance my skin condition. I can't wait to try Kosé Sekkisei Essential Soufflé," Jestinna shares.
The new Essential Soufflé moisturiser is made with a blend of active ingredients traditionally used in a Japanese wound-healing balm called Shiunko together with Sekkisei's formula of Asian plant extracts. These natural extracts include fermented coix seed extract, angelica acutiloba extract, melothria heterophylla extract, lithospermum root extract and sesame oil. By utilising Sekkisei's skin catch dispersion technology, the moisturiser envelops the skin with the beautifying formula and upon contact, releases a supply of lasting hydration.

No matter your skin type, Kosé Sekkisei Essential Soufflé works deep into the skin to keep it smooth and moisturised with a matte finish. Rest assured, you will still look your best at the end of the day. Fine, clear complexion for the win!
Kosé Sekkisei Essential Soufflé is priced at RM153
and available in stores from 21 October. You can also check out Kosé's special Japanese Beauty Café happening this 14 - 20 October at Centre Court, Mid Valley Megamall to know more about this product.

Videography: Octopost Studios
Photography: Ting Yang Shan
Photographer assisted by: Michael Lim Wei-Quan
Co-ordination and text: Gwen Ong
Art direction: Calleigh Yap
Hair: Mei Choi
Makeup: Cat Yong
Location: Colony Star Boulevard

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