What do you see when you look into the mirror?
The marks on your skin, or the face beneath? Between scrutinising every inch of your reflection and wishing for what God gave another, stop to consider this—you were made complete. Those bouncy cheeks that never left your post-adolescent face? They lift the corners of your lips into a smile. The circles under your eyes are merely shadows cast by the twinkle that accompanies your gaze. And that bump on your nose you worry about? It is what a special someone would so fondly trace with fingertips trailing from bridge to base.

Do not let anybody dictate how you feel about yourself—whether it is a woman who screams of her own perfection or a man who makes you work for his affection. And if the voices within you are harsher than those without, learn to find peace. True beauty comes with the confidence to embrace the things you deem flawed.
Left to right: Daphne Charice, Asma' Nasa and Kiran Jassal
We talked to three wonderful women of diverse backgrounds to gather their musings on beauty standards, personal insecurities and brighter futures. What we found out is that our similarities outweigh the differences and open conversations are the way forward.

Watch our discussion below and start your own.

"Don't look for validation on social media—you can decide the way you feel. Everybody is just trying to be better everyday; choose to look on the positive side."
Daphne Charice,
Digital Content Creator

"Everyone is born with different features and we are all blessed in our own way. I've learnt to tune out criticism–I'm comfortable in my own skin."
Kiran Jassal,
Miss Universe Malaysia 2016

"We need to be kinder to ourselves and towards other women. Try complimenting them on their intellect and personalities rather than focussing on their appearance."
Asma' Nasa,
Creative Director

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Videography: Octopost Studio
Photography: Jasmine Wong
Creative Direction: Alyssa Lee
Art Direction: Yi Suen Chong
Styling: Stephanie Boey
Hosted by: Loh Wei Yeen
Text: Alyssa Lee
Location: The Bon Estates Gallery
Wardrobe: Kiran – Zara, Shoes Shoes Shoes and Cos; Daphne – Cos; Wei Yeen – Zara; Asma' – Model's own

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