7 Instagram accounts every #woke beauty lover needs to follow

7 Instagram accounts every #woke beauty lover needs to follow

Real talk

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: Gel Cream

Go skin deep with Diet Pradas of the beauty scene on Instagram

Got a list of burning questions for a beauty professional? If you've always wanted honest answers—sans the rehearsed spiels that you often get at beauty outlets, follow these IG handles for deeper insight. From breaking down the difference between salicylic acid and LHA to learning more about the art of skincare layering, these beauty IG-ers will give you fresh perspective for your next beauty spree.



Founded mid-2017, Reissue originally started out as a platform for beauty lovers to share their beauty routines and product reviews. While the site now allows registered users to curate their beauty "shelf", the Instagram account is worth a follow for its slew of skincare 'did you knows' alongside factual information behind active ingredients. 


Gel Cream


Gel Cream has got an aesthetic so fine that double tapping is only second nature upon scrolling through the feed. Founder Yana Sheptovetskaya's penchant for creating the most Insta-worthy hand shots (holding products that she reviews) along with open discussions on beauty hits and misses are the reasons why her followers are hitting the 100k mark. We love that her reviews come from an honest place—you won't spot a sponsored post or ad on her perfectly curated feed.


Chemist Confessions


The dynamic duo behind Chemist Confessions have credentials to back up their reviews—both are skincare chemists who want to share proper scientific knowledge to beauty enthusiasts out there. Add them to your home feed if you can't resist a daily dose of skincare factoid and a smattering of seriously cute graphic illustrations. If you love reading all about skincare science and the debunking of beauty myths, this one's right up your alley.


Estee Laundry


Estee Laundry has been touted as the IG beauty community's Diet Prada, covering beauty scandals, thought-provoking news, and even calling out on copycats with the help of insider information. Jumping on the anti-influencer trendwagon that's blazing the trail right now, the founders of the page has reiterated that they would never accept sponsored content as a bid to stay true to their cause. "While we wanted to promote transparency in the beauty industry and expose questionable behavior, we wanted to make sure our tone was fair, witty, and balanced, and not unnecessarily snarky or malicious," they said in an interview.


Lab Muffin


Lab Muffin is pretty much the OG in this list—science educator Michelle founded her beauty blog Lab Muffin over six years ago when she was frustrated at the lack of resources on the scientific explanations behind beauty products. Armed with a PhD in chemistry, the blogger is a pro when it comes condensing technical knowledge in layman terms while keeping it interesting, be it on her blog, YouTube channel or Instagram page. Want to know what the difference is between moisturising and hydrating products? Check out her IG for the answer!


Skin Reasons


While Skin Reasons does not have a legion of following quite like the above-mentioned pages, it's still worth a follow for unbiased and critical beauty reviews of skincare products. The founder (who has kept his real name anonymous despite one or two selfies spotted on his feed) gave a little insight on the purpose behind his page: "We live in a time where it is so hard to make such decisions due to lack of good information, conflicting information or information overload. Therefore, "Skin Reasons" [was launched with the intention of] using reason and being reasonable."


Skin Minimalist


Self-proclaimed scientist and skincare lover Marcia behind this page has a minimalist approach to skincare, focusing on a streamlined routine to make it as effective as possible sans overloading her skin. "Using fewer products also allows me to use them consistently and truthfully to evaluate its performance," she clarifies in an Instagram post. "I usually test a new product for at least six weeks (a safe time frame for a full skin turn over)." What we love about her reviews is her hashtag #1empty1newbie—she typically finishes two beauty products before buying a new one as a bid to be more efficient, hoard fewer products, and prevent wastage. 


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