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Camo prints and chromatic hues come to play in the new Bobbi Brown makeup collection


By Wei Yeen Loh

Camo prints and chromatic hues come to play in the new Bobbi Brown makeup collection

No staple print has garnered quite a status like the camo print. First utilised by the army for functionality and then repurposed into art (by Andy Warhol, circa 1986), the camouflage print was reinterpreted into commercial fashion rather quickly, seen everywhere from the runways to the streetwear scene. While this print has gone in and out of the fashion cycle time and again, there are a multitude of ways to pull it off in a timeless notion, and Bobbi Brown’s latest collection is showing us how to do so effortlessly.

The new Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe collection is an aptly-named makeup range that is inspired by the classic print, and the beauty brand is taking this reference quite literally with an amalgamation of swoon-worthy colours and textures. Rich hues and metallic pigments make the most of the lineup, while textures run the gamut from velvety matte to statement-making sparkle. The memo is in: Glowing skin with bold accents on the eyes and nails are what you should go for.

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One of the standouts from the Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe collection is the Camo Luxe Eye & Cheek Palette, featuring six matte and metallic eyeshadows in densely pigmented, neutral hues, and a highlighting powder that is formulated with a clear base and reflective pearl pigments. If you’re looking for long-wearing eyeshadows in nuanced shades, try the Luxe Eye Shadow Multichrome that offers a crease-proof and fade-proof finish with a seriously cool 3D effect. Give your peepers the last few defining touches with Bobbi Brown’s bestselling Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner (now in two new shades) and a swipe or two of the Eye Opening Mascara. Also available in this collection are Luxe Lip Colours and Nail Polishes in shades that complement the range.


The Bobbi Brown Camo Luxe Collection will be available this September at all Bobbi Brown stores and counters.

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