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Why Anna Sui L'Amour Rose Versailles is Charis Ow's new favourite fragrance
When it comes to love, singer and host Charis Ow is all about taking care of yourself first. In celebration of Anna Sui's latest fragrance, the L'Amour Rose Versailles eau de parfum, the YouTuber shares with us the importance of love, her indulgences, and her thoughts on the new scent.

L'Amour Rose Versailles is a floral, fruity fragrance that is fresh yet sophisticated at the same time. Created by perfumer Carlos Viñals, this eau de parfum has top notes of royal apricot, sweet orange and quince for a zesty opening, while heart and base notes of Rose de Mai, Versailles freesia, and patchouli give it an opulent touch.
What is your first memory of Anna Sui fragrances?
I grew up with Anna Sui fragrances. They have the most captivating bottle designs and that usually catches my attention whenever I pass by the counter. Their scents always blow me away.
"My signature scent is anything floral and fruity. I love fragrances that are sweet but not overwhelming. It's hard to find something that is feminine yet not too saccharine."
What is something you like to indulge in?
A relaxing massage or a pampering session at the spa. I love spending time with my girlfriends too. Sometimes we dress up and go for high tea — snacking on something sweet is my guilty pleasure. I have a sweet tooth and macarons are my go-to every time. This scent reminds me a lot of that indulgent side of mine!
What is your dream vacation?
A getaway in Paris with my significant other. There's something undeniably romantic about the city, from the intimate streets of Montmarte to the charming River Seine. A vacation that's impromptu is up on the list too — there's no better way to create memories than a surprise vacation. When I am on holiday, I want to chill, relax, have quality downtime. Being able to do nothing at all is a luxury.
"When we talk about love, I feel it's more important to love yourself first. When you wake up in the morning you'd want to start the day with confidence and nothing exudes that more than a fragrance that kickstarts your senses."
What makes you happy?
I feel the happiest when there's balance in my life. It's a perfect moderation of work, play, relationships and also my aspirations. When I have that, I feel pure, unadulterated joy. The L'Amour Rose Versailles draws parallels to that personality trait of mine — I believe it's important to embrace life to the fullest. I love a good surprise and anything that pushes me to explore my creative side.
Photography: Eric Chow/Blink Studio
Styling and art direction: Joan Kong and Loh Wei Yeen
Hair: Juno Ko
Makeup: Shiyo Jo
Talent: Charis Ow
Photography assistant: Mee En
Clothing: Topshop and Miss Selfridge

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