Watch how Rimowa’s aluminium luggages are beautifully made

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By Rachel Au

Watch how Rimowa’s aluminium luggages are beautifully made

The story of Rimowa’s aluminium luggages began with a fire in the 1930s when the factory burst into flames. From the ashes, they discovered what would be their quintessential material for years to come: a light silver-gray, fire-resistant metal. Production began in 1937 and Rimowa forever changed the aesthetics of travelling with its lightweight luggage made of aluminium. Because it’s so durable, every dent, scratch and sticker represents a story for the people who use them as well as their character. 

Rimowa aluminium suitcase over the years

Here are a few things you didn’t know about Rimowa’s iconic aluminium luggage.

• The wardrobe trunk was one of the first cases to be made of aluminium.

 The suitcases are designed and engineered in Germany. 

 It takes 205 individual parts to make a case.

 One classic Topas suitcase takes 117 minutes to complete.

 This is how a Rimowa aluminium luggage is made at the Cologne factory:

To join in the celebration of the Rimowa aluminium case’s 80th anniversary, close friends (and fans) of the brand have shared their own suitcases to give a glimmer into their personal travels. From Karl Lagerfeld to Fan Bing Bing, scroll through the gallery below to have a look:

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Read more on Rimowa’s website.


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