Have you heard of The Estates at Pangkor Laut Resort? It’s gorgeous


By Rachel Au

Have you heard of The Estates at Pangkor Laut Resort? It’s gorgeous

You might remember us going away to Pangkor Laut Resort earlier this year to film our third instalment of the #BuroBossGirl series. Thinking back, the private island resort is undeniably one of the best stays we’ve ever had. What more can you ask for when there are clear blue waters (or rather green-ish at Emerald Bay), a thriving rainforest and a luxurious resort that meets every need? Pangkor Laut Resort’s villas are great but there’s something even more exclusive and secluded at the northern tip of the island.

Simply known as The Estates, YTL Hotels call it a private sanctuary and while there are eight of them, each promises absolute privacy and relaxation with a design concept meant to mimic “the romantic lifestyle of a British estate manager of old Malaya”. Each houses two to four bedrooms as well as separate living and dining pavilions. To better understand the idea of The Estates and what sets it apart, we speak to Mr Laurent Myter, Executive Vice President, Operations who aptly describes it as perfect for those who not only yearn to get away but want to experience the pinnacle of bespoke luxury living.

the estates pangkor laut resort


“First opened in 1998, five years after the launch of Pangkor Laut Resort, The Estates consists of eight luxuriously appointed residences and is located on the northern end of the island. Each of these private sanctuaries is made up of several villas and pavilions that house the bedrooms, living and dining areas as well as a private pool with breathtaking views, all set across acres of unspoilt rainforest.”



“Simple: Mother Nature. The phrase, ‘Tread lightly on the land’ is still an overarching principle that underlines all efforts to keep this island as pristine as possible and The Estates truly reflects this. Landscaping details such as wooden bridges, rock steps and koi ponds serve to complement the lush tropical jungle, while the placement and layout of each estate were dictated by existing ponds, trees and boulders.”

the estates pangkor laut resort


“The Estates is a marriage between the simplicity of Malay Archipelago vernacular architecture and the quiet grandeur of the British colonial past. Several elements of The Estates incorporate traces of bungalow-living, a British invention for beating the relentless heat and sheltering from torrential monsoons, such as carefully manicured gardens and the verandah.”



“A helicopter transfer may be arranged to Pangkor Laut Resort via our friendly team at the YTL Travel Centre, subject to availability. Upon arrival, guests will be greeted by the Estate Manager and a personal butler before being escorted to The Estates via private car.”

the estates pangkor laut resort


“What sets The Estates, and Pangkor Laut Resort, apart first and foremost is its superb hospitality. For guests of The Estates, the VIP treatment starts well before their arrival, as the Estate Manager endeavours to know specific preferences, likes, dislikes and special requests. Butlers are trained to be attentive and are encouraged to surprise guests with romantic dinners in the dining pavilion, a birthday celebration on a yacht or other unique experiences. It’s this attention-to-detail coupled with unrivalled service that makes The Estates a remarkable destination.”



“Our VIP guests of The Estates usually request for utmost privacy. However, we can share that we’ve had the privilege of hosting distinguished guests including former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, F1 icon Michael Schumacher and Hollywood actress Joan Collins. Dame Helen Mirren and Dato’ Michelle Yeoh have also visited and stayed at The Estates.”

For more info on The Estates at Pangkor Laut Resort, visit their website.

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