Experience rare luxury at Ritz-Carlton Reserves

A bespoke resort


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Experience rare luxury at Ritz-Carlton Reserves

A Ritz-Carlton Reserve is a unique boutique resort in a hand-picked setting around the world that has been designed for the most discerning traveler seeking a luxurious and bespoke experience. The intimate settings and personalised service —all Ritz-Carlton Reserves provide 24-hour butler services— create an opulent experience unlike any other. Placed in ethereal sanctuaries hidden in the most exquisite corners of the world, there are currently three reserves in the  Ritz-Carlton Reserve portfolio. With plans to develop Ritz-Carlton Reserves in another three locations, we look at the stunning current locations to get a preview of the prestigious experience that you will be able to enjoy at a Ritz-Carlton Reserve. 


1. Phulay Bay, Thailand

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Set on the idyllic shores of the Andaman Sea is Phulay Bay, the first of the Ritz-Carlton Reserve collection. Designed by Bangkok bases architect, Lek Bunnag, is designed to leave a lasting impression on its visitors at first sight. Guests can enjoy the natural beauty of Thailand in an atmosphere of pure luxury or embark on a coastal tour in the Phang Nga Bay surrounded by 200 islands. After a day of enjoying the wide array of Thai inspired activities and spa treatments, guests can spend time with Phulay Bay’s resident baby elephant, Koko who resides in the an elephant camp nearby. 


2. Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico

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With a history of hosting Hollywood’s elite, dignitaries, and affluent families in the late 50s—60s, Dorado Beach was built to be a luxury eco resort by Laurence Rockefeller. Over the years, the estate changed management several times, but none could bring it back to its former glory and the resort shut down in the late 90s. Reopened in 2012 as a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, the air of prestige and luxury has returned to this oasis. Each guest room is located directly on the beach and is only steps away from the sea. This affinity to nature is further enhanced with the resort’s tree house treatment pavilions and outdoor showers that are available at the spa.


3. Mandapa, Ubud

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The latest addition to the Ritz-Carlton Reserve portfolio stands majestic against a backdrop of rice terraces. Mandapa, named after the entrance to a traditional Hindu temple, the retreat is located in the spiritual and cultural heart of Bali where the magnificent Ayung River meets the lush jungle in Ubud. As with the other resorts, Mandapa offers unobstructed access to nature where guests can explore the magic of the great outdoors, or take part in exploring the traditional methods of planting, harvesting and tending a rice field located right beside the resort. The sensory path to wellness and nature does not end there as guests can also choose from an array of holistic treatments that are sure to rejuvenate the body and mind, practice yoga in serene pavilions, or ride a bicycle through nearby villages. 


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